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Awesome Infographic

The World of Wine Made Visual With Easelly

Whether you’re having a romantic interest over, inviting friends for a relaxed night in, organizing an elegant gathering or just want to add a bit …

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Awesome InfographicCreating InfographicsEducation

Best Easelly Infographics of 2015

With 2015 almost out the door, we thought it was about time to reflect on all the fun we had with all of you and …

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Awesome InfographicFood Infographics

5 Ways Infographics Can Help Your Fast Food Busines

Nowadays everything has a to-go variant, and this holds true for food as well. With your fast food business you can definitely still make it …

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Awesome InfographicClassroomEducation

Linear Programming with a Technology Twist

Looking for ways to include error analysis, one of the big CCSS mathematical practices, in a unit on Linear Programming. I gave each student a …

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Awesome InfographicBusinessTechnology

Tech Startups and Infographics: a Trick for Tracking Trends

The tech industry is a tricky sea to sail. With everything changing at such a rapid rate, you’ll probably have to shift directions more than …

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Awesome InfographicEducationMarketing

Getting ready for Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is almost here! I spent a big part of the year planning the events for BAW and this year is not the …

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Awesome InfographicBusinessCreating Infographics

Pets in Heart, Owners in Mind: How Infographics Can Help Boost a Pet Shop Business

As a pet shop owner or employee you’ll need to provide all sorts of stuff for people’s furry, feathery and scaly friends: food, treats, leashes, …

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Awesome InfographicEducationMarketing

Let’s celebrate your brain!

Brain awareness week (BAW) is an event celebrated every year around the world and is an opportunity to promote and support brain science and research. …

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Awesome InfographicBusinessSports Infographics

A New Teammate: The Role of Infographics in Sports Businesses

Promoting your own little sports club or newly opened recreational centre can prove to be a daunting task. There’s no guarantee that your target audience …

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Awesome InfographicClassroomCreating Infographics

Be the Cool Teacher, Make Cell Signaling Easy!

Cell signaling is one of the most arid parts of the curriculum this semester, and my students have tons of papers to read of too …

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Awesome InfographicCreating InfographicsHistoric Analysis

Top 5 NPOs Which Can Benefit From Infographics

Nowadays the need for speed just keeps increasing, and it can get pretty tricky to keep your output interesting and creative enough when you have …

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Awesome InfographicCreating Infographicsinfographic Templates

Nonprofits: How to Reach Your Audience With Infographics

To achieve anything you set out to do, a good strategy is a must. However, with all the steps and sub steps, back up plans, …

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