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New Games For BAW

This is a new game I designed for Brain Awareness Week. The player must draw a line from the Roman numerals of the cranial nerves …

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Classroom Poster Competition

This is the second time we have a poster competition, and this year’s theme is “The future of neuroscience”.  I made an infographic to be …

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Top 5 NPOs Which Can Benefit From Infographics

Nowadays the need for speed just keeps increasing, and it can get pretty tricky to keep your output interesting and creative enough when you have …

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World Population using Scientific Notation

Trying to find technology to describe mathematics is sometimes not easy. I have found that makes a great presentation tool for students to show their mastery of math standards while integrating other subject areas.

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Understanding the Past to Shape the Future

While teaching history of neuroscience to teenager undergrad biology students, one of the biggest challenges is to keep their attention for 60 minutes while talking …

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