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Free Timeline Infographic Templates, Tips and Designs Easelly
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How to Make a Timeline Infographic! Your Guide with Free Templates and Resources

The humble timeline infographic has been a firm favourite with Easelly designers and users for years! They remain one of the most requested templates we …

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Solar Energy Infographics
Awesome InfographicClassroomEducation

Environmental Infographics: Solar Energy is cheaper and more effective than ever!

Environmental Energy and Easelly Environmental infographics have always been very near and dear to us at Easelly. The topic fits the idea of infographic creation …

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Endangered Species Infographics
Awesome InfographicCase StudiesClassroom

Endangered Species Infographics that answer all your questions

Endangered Species of the World, an infographic examination In the aftermath of Endangered Species Day we thought it was a great opportunity to go through …

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American Presidential Pet Infographics
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Presidential Pets, Infographics on the animal occupants of the Whitehouse.

Presidential Pets are an integral part of America’s first family. Of the 45 individuals to have been elected to the highest office in the country, …

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visual simplicity interview with jessica hagy

How NYC Educators are Using Infographics in the Classroom

How many of us avoid doing things because it’s “not the way things are done around here”? Teachers and educators all over the world may …

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how to use infographics in class
ClassroomEducation for Motivation, Engagement and Assessment

Teachers in the United States are fortunate to be teaching at a time when technology companies are increasingly offering their products for free or at …

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how to make infographics with students

How to Make Infographics With Students: Recap & Replay

Thanks to all of the educators and teachers who joined today’s live training. We hope you learned a lot about the power of infographics in …

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Indiana Economic Council Infographics

Improving Economic Education With Infographic Competition

Recently, The Indiana Council for Economic Education offered 4th through 12th grade teachers the opportunity to have their students participate in the Indiana Stock Market …

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using infographics for teaching and learning

#NYCSchoolsTechChat – Resources, Images & More!

We had a ton of fun with all of the great people who engaged us today on Twitter. The #NYCSchoolsTechChat raised a lot of important …

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what is data literacy
ClassroomCreating InfographicsEducation

Improving Data Literacy in Schools

Technology and education go hand-in-hand, with teachers and schools incorporating new tools and software every year. With the introduction of new tech, however, comes concerns …

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Video Chat: Using to Create Infographics in the Classroom

Watch the Video Chat Here and Read the Notes Below: We chatted with Megan Schonhar, an English Teacher at Greer Middle College Charter High School …

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Easelly Summer Camp
ClassroomEducationEvents Gives Back

Here at, we love giving back whenever possible. Every year, a portion of our profits go to supporting events and people all over the …

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