New Games For BAW

This is a new game I designed for Brain Awareness Week. The player must draw a line from the Roman numerals of the cranial nerves to the place where they belong in the drawing, and then, draw a line from the origin of the cranial nerve to one of two options: motor or sensorial. The game must be played by teams of three and the team that ends first with less mistakes win.

Brain Awareness Week infographic

The design of the game is very easy, and can be easily modified for another part or system of the body. I put a drawing of the brain with the cranial nerves in a different color; below the figure I put the Roman numerals that symbolize the nerves and at each side of the figure I put a circle that symbolizes the motor or sensitive function of the nerves.

This game is both fun and challenging; you can change the colors and make different games for different systems. If you want to make it more interesting you can give the winning team some extra points. Your students will love you (or fear you).

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