Pets in Heart, Owners in Mind: How Infographics Can Help Boost a Pet Shop Business

As a pet shop owner or employee you’ll need to provide all sorts of stuff for people’s furry, feathery and scaly friends: food, treats, leashes, tiny homes, beds, dishes, accessories, cosmetics, anti-parasite sprays and who knows what else along the way. The trouble is, all the other pet shops will, too. The trick to standing out in the constantly growing competition is to include the humans in your customers range as well. There isn’t any pet owner in the world who won’t appreciate a bit of extra advice and some neat free tips with their purchase.

Pet infographic examples

Of course, with all the product info you need to track, it might be a bit much to hold in your head. That’s why infographics are such an awesome way to attract people – and keep them coming back!

Dog food bowl infographic

Choosing the best dog food bowl infographic

Food bowls are bound to be included in your basic stock. Whether the pet in question lives in a cage, terrarium or roams around the house, a good feeder will go a long way in developing healthy eating habits and reducing mess. Here’s a great way to outline how different bowls have different effects: it’s neat, easy to remember and the goofy pictures make it cheerful and grab attention. The blue and orange contrast makes all the info stand out just enough.

Dog food infographic

dog food infographic

It’s important to keep track of your trends. Knowing what kinds of products your target audience prefers will help you keep your offer up to date and increase your sales. The infographic above is a nice presentation of how dog food moves in the market. Different sized house icons and the curvy graph give it dynamics, red is a great way to highlight information, and the dog pictures add just a tinge of cuteness to brighten it up.

Dangerous dog food infographic

Dangerous dog food infographic

Speaking of food, some pets will go for just about anything they find on the ground or manage to beg out of their humans. Most people have some idea of there being “dangerous foods” but most aren’t sure what exactly that means. It’s a good idea to put up an infographic on that topic near your canned goods shelf and the above example is a great way to put it together. The grayscale gives it a serious enough tone, while the blue header draws attention, and the zigzag gives it a nice flow. Making the text blue keeps it smooth and clear.

Lost pet infographic

Lost pet infographic

Of course nobody wants to lose their precious animal friend, but it does happen from time to time. In that situation, people are likely to visit their local pet shop in their search, especially if they visited it often or if they live in the neighborhood. Other than keeping an eye out and spreading the info, you can help them by giving some tips that might increase their chances of finding the pet as soon as possible. An infographic like this is a brilliant way to do it. It’s very concise and all the keywords are easy to spot. The color theme is easy on the eyes and keeps the focus on the text. Having one of these ready on your wall will definitely help the distraught pet owners with their recovery strategy.

Pet choking and CPR infographic

Pet choking and CPR infographic

Just like people, pets get hurt and a clinic or vet isn’t always on hand. Some emergency first aid can mean all the difference in the world, but a lot of people don’t know how to do it right – or really at all. That’s why it’s so important to make this sort of info easily available. Put it together on a neat poster like this one: a clear step by step with a few illustrations that are easy to remember.

Pet insurance infographic

pet insurance infographic

Insurance isn’t just for people! Sure, it’s not very likely that your cat’s house will get into an earthquake or that a tsunami will hit your parrot’s cage, but you could still get into some unexpected sticky situations. So pet insurance might be a pretty good idea, and since your little shop will be the go-to place for the resident critters, you’ll be hailed a genius with this sort of info on hand (or wall, or door). Check out the example above. Its earthy colors give off a feeling of security, all the important information is there, arranged neatly and with the main points highlighted.

Doggie language infographic

Doggie language infographic

You’ve probably often heard people say: “I swear my dog can almost speak!” or “It’s like my cat can talk”. They probably do in their own way, but safe to say they aren’t really fluent in Human. Some kind of a dictionary would likely be a best seller, especially among rookie pet owners – and their kids! A cute comic book style infographic like this one is definitely going to be a hit among your customers. The plain black and white theme keeps it simple and with just a few keywords along, there’s no way to misunderstand. Who knows, maybe someone will even learn a new expression!

With millions of pets all over the world and the ever-growing animal rights movements, having reliable and appealing information on all aspects of a pet’s life is a growing demand. While most vets can provide it, owners will visit the neighborhood pet shop way more often than the clinic, so having an offer for the humans as well their precious friends will definitely send your reputation soaring and have more customers coming in. Infographics are a vivid and versatile way to do this, since you can hang them as posters on your walls or windows, give them out as free leaflets along with purchased products, and use them to make your business’s online presence go viral. Best of all, they can reflect your uniqueness and creativity, and making them is totally simple and fun. Pay a visit to Easelly’s infographic maker tool and check out all the templates our team has got ready for you. Play around and find a style that fits your pet emporium best.

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