Linear Programming with a Technology Twist

Looking for ways to include error analysis, one of the big CCSS mathematical practices, in a unit on Linear Programming. I gave each student a different linear program word problem and had them solve using Desmos graphing calculator ( Once they had solved it to the best of their ability, they used Easelly to create an infographic to share their problem. Then each student had to find another student’s problem within the Easelly group and solve it with paper and pencil to check for errors.

This allowed students to find errors in their peers work, they found errors such as, incorrect constraints found, constraints missing, less than or greater than signs backwards, and incorrect maximums.  If errors were found, they were to bring their paper copy to me and if I agreed they were to correct them on Easelly. This gave them a chance to not only show me what they have learned, but a chance to learn from other’s mistakes.

linear infographic

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