5 Ways Infographics Can Help Your Fast Food Busines

Nowadays everything has a to-go variant, and this holds true for food as well. With your fast food business you can definitely still make it obvious that you offer the best breakfast for the early risers and the cutest sweets for tired students who need a bit of a mood boost at the end of the day.

Spice up your traffic with a catchy infographic in your street window or near the shelves.

fast food infographic example

Fastfood infographic examples

1. With the growing craze over ingredients, many places are offering a variety of products, and fast food businesses are no exception. Often, though, people don’t really have precise knowledge, so you can bet they’d appreciate a bit of extra info about the food they’re eating. This infographic is a good example.

sandwich infographic
Dessert infographic example

2. Not everyone likes a big burger as their first meal of the day, but then again not everyone has the  time to make their favorite sandwich in the morning. That’s why an increasing number of fast food stands now sport a glass case with a few types of this popular snack to choose from, ready to go. But why not dazzle your customers with a bit of interesting insight? This tasty infographic showing which different sandwiches different people prefer will definitely help them remember your place, and maybe bring along a few friends, too!

Burger infographic example
hotdog infographic example

3. Of course, no matter how varied your offer is, you can’t make a mistake with hot dogs. But how often does it happen that a customer just gives a generalized wave at and says “Just give me whichever one”? Let’s change that! Hang a poster about different hot dog types right above them and help your guests make better informed choices. The one above is a great example. It’s plain and concise, listing the most important info and the pictures are a great help in recognizing what’s what.

donut infographic

4. Of course, a fast food business isn’t limited to just salty food. Donuts are important! If you happen to make these sweet things along with the traditional salty fast food stuff, or run an all-out donut shop, a little accessory like this can go a long way. Presenting interesting and little known info about your products to the people waiting in line will definitely cheer up the atmosphere and have them drop by again. What better way to show off cake trivia than a cake infographic?


5. Whether it’s students, workers, kids or grandparents, everyone appreciates a bit of sugar on their day. Helping them choose between all the buns and muffins you have on offer will definitely earn you extra points, and a little shelf display of everything on your real-life shelves is definitely a creative way to do it. Not only will your customer have an easier time picking out a purchase, they’ll enjoy the extra effort you put in to show them you care. The infographic above is a brilliant example: it’s simple, well organized, covers all the most popular desserts, and the warm color scheme makes it look like a freshly baked cinnamon roll itself.

No matter what your little fast food business specializes in, every patron will appreciate a new way of looking at things they see pretty much every day. With a few catchy infographic displays, you’ll spice up the look of your shop, get a reputation for being caring and creative, earn more appreciation for your products and definitely bump up your sales! Best of all, these neat little visuals are totally easy to make. Head on over to the Easelly designer and check out all the sweet templates we have prepared for you! Just follow the friendly arrows to explore all the options and combinations at your fingertips. Have fun and show off your enthusiasm for your craft in a unique and engaging way!

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