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This ever-growing library of well-researched content and thoughtful advice is for you if you want to learn more about turning plain ‘ol information and complex data into engaging, fun (who says we can’t have fun?) and stunning infographics.

Shark Attack Infographics to show you shouldn't fear sharks!
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Shark Attack Infographics: Why you shouldn’t be afraid to go back in the water!

Shark Attack Infographics: Why you don’t need to be afraid of Shark Attacks.  There’s a primal fear hardwired into our brains surrounding large open bodies …

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Solar Energy Infographics
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Environmental Infographics: Solar Energy is cheaper and more effective than ever!

Environmental Energy and Easelly Environmental infographics have always been very near and dear to us at Easelly. The topic fits the idea of infographic creation …

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How To Boost Social Proof with Testimonial Infographics

People are more likely to buy products from a business that enjoys positive feedback from previous customers. This concept is the essence of social proof. …

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Happy Juneteenth! Juneteenth Infographic Answers for all your Questions

Happy Juneteenth: A history in Infographics.  Happy Juneteenth! It’s a phrase you’re likely to see all over the internet today and tomorrow. But what is …

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Endangered Species Infographics
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Endangered Species Infographics that answer all your questions

Endangered Species of the World, an infographic examination In the aftermath of Endangered Species Day we thought it was a great opportunity to go through …

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5 infographic tactics for small business
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Infographic Marketing: 5 Infographic Tactics for Small Businesses

These days, brands are harnessing more engaging ways to present information. Infographics, like video, are a crowd favorite. Infographics have changed the ways ordinary users …

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American Presidential Pet Infographics
Awesome InfographicCase StudiesClassroom

Presidential Pets, Infographics on the animal occupants of the Whitehouse.

Presidential Pets are an integral part of America’s first family. Of the 45 individuals to have been elected to the highest office in the country, …

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Awesome InfographicEventsSports Infographics

Joachim Löw, Legend or Flop? A career in infographics

Joachim Löw; famous the world over for attacking football, dodgy haircuts and odd hygiene habits. A look at the stats of the German managers career …

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One Trick to Maintain (and Win!) Email Subscribers

One Trick to Maintain (and Win!) Email Subscribers Is your email marketing campaign feeling a little stagnant? Do you have a high unsubscribe rate, or …

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8 Design Principles to improve your conversion rate
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Guest Blog: 8 Design Principles to Improve Your Conversion Rate

8 Design Principles to Improve Your Conversion Rate Like any profession, designers rely on a set of rules to create visually attractive content. You have …

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