Infographic: How to Avoid Bringing Coronavirus Home

Getting out of your house during the coronavirus pandemic is a game of strategy.

Whether you’re on the front lines (thank you for your service!) or buying a week’s worth of grocery for your family, venturing out of the house feels like you’re about to go to war against an invisible enemy.

With that said, our infographic design team made the infographic below as a reminder before you go out of the house. Don’t forget to put on your mask and the rest of your covid-19 armour (or your unicorn costume).

Shopper wearing unicorn costume while grocery shopping amidst corinavirus fear

This infographic is based on a 25-point checklist on how to avoid bringing the coronavirus home by Dr. Bill Griggs, one of South Australia’s top doctors.

Bookmark this blog post, or you can download and print the infographic. You can also do both!

Infographic checklist on coronavirus prevention outdoors

Grocery infographic template for your quarantine shopping

You might also want to edit and download this grocery infographic template for your next adventure (or hazardous venture into the unknown where the coronavirus lurks — it depends on how you look at it ) while under quarantine.

And last but definitely not the least, don’t feel pressured into becoming a productive superhuman during these times of fear and uncertainty. However, if you ever feel like checking off every item in your to-do list and making the most of your time while under quarantine, we also wrote this guide – How to Stay Productive While Under Quarantine During a Pandemic.  Whatever you do, we promise we won’t judge you.

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