High-Quality Healthcare Infographic Templates You Can Customize Quickly

At one point or another, you’ve probably found yourself researching a symptom on the Internet, only to end up worrying if you have this rare form of cancer.

This is not a surprise given that health and medical information are some of the most frequently searched personal information online.

On the downside, many healthcare information and data out there rely heavily on jargon and an overwhelming amount of data. This could be a source of confusion for readers and would-be patients.

It’s important to remember that the stakes are always higher when it comes to healthcare information. Data is sensitive, and the health care industry is highly regulated.
In addition, anyone who’s about to write about a medical topic, or  present a report of health-related information knows how it can be challenging to deal with multiple data points.

Another noteworthy challenge when presenting healthcare information is that your audience’s education and experience levels can range dramatically— from new mothers who are eager to learn the ins and out of breastfeeding to a room of lactation consultants.

The crucial role of infographics in healthcare

No one wants to go through a presentation or slideshow with technical language and large blocks of text.

The worst thing that can happen is no one remembers what your blog post on diabetes or presentation about vaccination was about.

Data visualization and visual storytelling tools like infographics are powerful tools to help address the challenges in communicating more effectively in the healthcare and medical sectors.


First off, the human brain can perceive images faster than text. When an image is seen for only 13 milliseconds before the next image appears, a part of the brain continues to process the images longer than the amount of time it was seen.

With infographics, you can translate complex healthcare information into simplified graphical snapshots. As a result, patients, their families, and others who are seeking medical information will have a better understanding of how a disease can develop, how it’s treated, and possibly how it can be prevented.

Take a look at how the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control Prevention are taking advantage of infographics to make public health data more accessible.

environmental health infographic by the World Health Organization
Environmental health infographic by the World Health Organization
seasonal-vs-pandemic-flu-infographic by the CDC
Seasonal-vs-pandemic-flu-infographic by the CDC

Healthcare infographic templates you can edit in minutes

Take a look at the infographic templates below that you can edit and customize with your health care information or medical data.

You don’t have to be a designer to edit these templates. All you need to do is choose from Easelly’s library of health infographic templates and customize them with new visuals and text. Next, pick the right infographic color scheme and fonts to match your brand. Finally, review your infographic content and sizing!

Flu infographic template

Whether you’re a kindergarten teacher or a public health officer, use this comparison infographic template to help you share flu facts and bust flu myths once and for all.

Nutrition infographic template

Help your audience stay on top of the most recent information about nutrition and eating habits by pairing visuals and text in this nutrition infographic template.

With Easelly’s infographic maker tool, you can adjust infographic sizes and download infographics in your preferred formats – PDF, PNG, or JPG.

Disease infographic template

Certain diseases can be challenge for the general public to understand. Disease infographic templates help ensure that complex medical topics are transformed into easily comprehensible information.

Pneumonia infographic template

Antibiotic resistance infographic template

Medical timeline infographic

Medical timeline infographics are the perfect visual aid if you want to show the progression of a disease or a make a long, complex medical concept easier to understand.

Human body infographic template

Whether it’s for a science class or a public health presentation, customize this anatomy infographic template to make your readers equally engaged and informed of the wonders of the human body.

Telemedicine infographic template

The idea of telemedicine may still be new for many but recent events such as the covid-19 pandemic and the continued advancements in technology are likely to accelerate its adoption. If you need to make a presentation about the practice of caring for patients remotely, edit and customize the telemedicine infographic below.

Dental infographic template

Dental health is crucial to overall health and well-being. However, many tend to overlook the state of their teeth. Use this oral health infographic template to educate kids and adults alike on the importance of keeping their pearly whites and gums in good shape.

Medical professional infographic templates

Get to know one of our modern-day heroes who work tirelessly day and night. The first one is a nurse infographic template while the second infographic features primary care doctors.

Nurse infographic template

Doctor infographic template

Getting started with your healthcare infographics

From highlighting the benefits of exercise to explaining the difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic, healthcare infographic templates are definitely a godsend if you’re pressed for time or don’t have the resources to create infographics from scratch.

At Easelly, we believe that limitations such as pre-made templates can help boost creativity. Creating something new despite the lack of time and resources is a creative act in itself. However, if you prefer to start with a clean slate, you can either make one with our infographic maker tool or hire our professional infographic design team.

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