5 Creative Ways to Use Your Infographic

Many of our users love our awesome infographic templates, objects, and hyperlinking features. But we’d like to highlight a few other ways that people (as well as businesses and marketing professionals) can use our infographic creation tool to get the most bang for their buck.

After all, it’s not just about creating infographics to share on social media; it’s about creating visual content to use anywhere and everywhere!

Infographic marketing ideas you can implement today

Depending on your industry or what you use Easelly for, there are a number of unique ways you can use your creations, whether it’s for presentations, marketing materials or to add visual content to your website!

We’re going to show you five different ways to use your infographics and Easelly-created images, as well as tips for implementation.

1. Create infographic slides for a presentation.

Presentations are notoriously boring. Why not spice things up a bit with an infographic as a visual aid instead of a bullet list of dry data?

To create a slide infographic, just follow these steps:


You also have the option to insert a smaller infographic into your slide to expand on a point, or to incorporate visual elements into your slide so you don’t bore your audience!

infographics slideshow

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2. Use infographics as resources for webinar.

Webinars and live events are becoming increasingly “personal,” meaning most are just a streaming video of a person talking. However, many people still use visual aids to drive home certain points. If you prefer visual aids for your webinars/live events, you can use your Easelly-created infographics to engage your webinar audience with visuals.

Simply create the image, upload it into a slideshow tool (like PowerPoint or Google Slides), then share your screen when you start the presentation.

Don’t want to take away the “face-time” you get on your webinar? Cy from Crowdcast has a few tips for sharing images during your live event:

  • In your post-event notes
  • On the cover image of your event page
  • As a “freebie” promotion for the event

3. Use infographics as blog images.

You already know the benefits of using infographics in your articles or blogs, but have you ever considered using parts of your infographic to create blog headers or blog images?

Studies show that bloggers who use graphics instead of plain font have higher traffic and more interaction.

There are a few ways to do this:

Create a blog header graphic

infographic headline

TIP: The recommended blog header size is 1600×400. Simply drag the bottom right corner of your Easelly canvas to find the right size.

Create pop-out images throughout your text

This is a great way to attract attention to major points as your readers scan your content!

example of pop-up image

Repurpose sections of your long-form infographic

We use this all the time. We simply make a copy of an infographic and then crop it to the section we want most, like the head of the infographic. You can see this with many of our blog header images.

These website images get scanned by Google and social media, which in turn will improve your website authority.

It also makes sense to follow these image SEO tips when repurposing sections of your infographic: 

  • Format images properly so they aren’t too big.
  • Include alt tag and title tags in your Media library.
  • Embed the photos so they lead people back to your site.
  • Label your images with file names using words that accurately describe what’s it all about as well as its context.
  • Use visuals that can stand on its own when you take it out from the original content.

4. Create infoproducts with infographics.

Do you own a small business and need to create product manuals? Are you hoping to create a media kit or possibly a PDF resource for potential customers? Do you want a unique layout for your next ebook, webinar, or e-course? You can do all of that with infographics in Easelly’s Creation Tool!

For products or services

This image highlights how well you can use Easelly to describe your products or services in a succinct way:

For media kits or sales information

A media kit is a great resource for people interested in your services or product. They can download the packet, get a thorough idea of your services and what you offer, and decide if they want to pursue contact.

You can create a media kit much like slides and simply download the slides into a PDF document! The image below shows the important information about this user’s business, which would make a great end-page for their media kit.

infographic media kit

Covers and templates

Want to make an ebook, downloadable worksheet or resource for your users? Do you offer lots of free content and want to streamline your creation process?

5. Make infographic email templates.

Use Easelly to generate unique graphics and email templates that include the body of your email. You can use templates (like the one below) or “Start Fresh”! This is a great way to retain subscribers – it’s unique and fun. Learn more about using infographics in your email campaigns.

infographic email template

Ready to get creative with your infographics?

Wit Easelly’s library of infographic templates, there really are no limits to how you can use and repurpose your infographics. These are just a few of our favorite non-conventional ways to use infographics.

What are your creative tips for using infographics?

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