40+ Business Infographic Templates and Ideas to Try in 2021

Companies of all sizes always have to think a step ahead.

In 2021, you’re probably looking for ways to give your brand the extra edge.

Investing in new content formats like business infographics is one of the worthwhile ways to push your business forward in the new year.

The untapped power of business infographics

People digest visual information better than plain text.

Researchers at the Pennsylvania School of Medicine found out that the human retina is capable of transmitting visual information at around 10 million bits per second, that’s around the same rate as your Ethernet connection.

What does this mean for businesses?

Visualizing information helps your audience quickly understand how your products or services can benefit them. In short, you get your point across faster.

When you use text alone in your business communications and content, odds are the full impact of your information will not be absorbed. You need a medium that combines high-quality photos, premium fonts, and eye-catching icons to ensure that your message is loud and clear. Show, don’t tell.

Whether it’s training new employees with complex written manuals or showcasing a specific product to prospects and investors, business infographics empower you to communicate data clearly.

So you don’t have the time to make infographics from scratch?

You can get started with business infographic templates.

All it takes is a few clicks to customise Easelly’s business infographic templates, download them in your preferred format, and you’re good to go! Our collection includes B2B infographics, startup visuals, and small business infographics.

Keep scrolling for high-quality, customizable business infographic templates and ideas.

Business plan infographic templates

Don’t start a business without a plan. Customize these business plan infographic templates and get started on solid footing. The second template lists down 50 microstartup ideas you can try if you’d like to take the entrepreneur route.

Bonus video: How to Highlight Your Company’s Vision with Infographics

Persona infographic template

Get to know your customers better with this persona infographic template.

Cloud marketing infographic template

Cloud marketing covers all of your business’ online marketing efforts. Get an overview of your cloud marketing strategy with this infographic template.

Online sales infographic templates

Turn your retail shop into an online store! Use the following infographic templates to educate your employees on how to boost online sales.

Marketing infographic templates

Once you launch your business, your next goal is to promote it for brand awareness. You can use infographics on Instagram or create a series of infographics for content marketing campaigns.

Whether you are selling in person or online, developing a marketing strategy can help you narrow down the right tactics for your brand. Use the marketing infographic templates below as you formulate your plan.

Veterinary practice infographic templates

Many single-issue topics in veterinary medicine can benefit from infographics — from highlighting your services to sharing cat flu facts.

Hotel infographic templates

If you’re in the hospitality industry, make a good impression on your would-be clients and customers with this hotel infographic template.

Business travel infographic template

Travel agencies can benefit from infographic creation and promotion. Inform and help business travelers in various stages of their travel planning with this infographic template.

CBD product infographic template

If you’re selling CBD products, educating your customers with this CBD infographic is an excellent opportunity to market your products without being too salesy.

Car dealership infographic template

Drive your car sales by adding more educational infographics (like the template below!) to your marketing efforts. Adding your logo and changing the color scheme can also help boost brand awareness.

Business checklist infographic templates

A checklist can transform your business and make your life less overwhelming. Get started with this simple checklist infographic template.

SEO infographic templates

Help Google and other search engines find your website content. These SEO infographic templates are excellent guidelines to start with.

Virtual reality infographic templates

Researchers predict that technology-mediated human communications will evolve from today’s smartphones to XR (extended reality) technologies, including virtual reality and mixed reality. These XR platforms are ideal for businesses who want to have an in-depth understanding of consumer habits and behavior.

Cleaning service infographic template

Finding clients if you’re a cleaning service business can be challenging if you’re in a small city or town. Get ahead of the competition by going visual with infographics.

Real estate infographic templates

Real estate marketing starts with providing educational content and value to would-be home buyers. The infographic templates below are a great addition to your content assets.

Business finance infographic templates

Business finance, in a nutshell, is all about managing your company’s money. Share the ins and outs of your company’s financial status through customizable financial infographic templates.

Annual report infographic template

Show your creative side with annual reports in infographic format.

Business brochure template

Many businesses overlook brochures because online marketing has taken over. Stand out from the competition and go old school with this brochure infographic template.

Yoga studio infographic template

Promote your yoga studio or online yoga course with yoga infographics.

Test preparation infographic template

Are you a test preparation company looking to get more clients? Highlight your services and company certifications in an infographic.

Logistics infographic template

Understand how big data can impact the logistics industry in the infographic below. You can also use this template for other sectors!

Getting started with your own business infographic

Making business infographics from scratch has never been easier with Easelly. Now that you’re armed with templates and ideas to get started, your next step is to learn the ins and outs of infographic creation (despite zero design experience!).

Head on over to our infographic tutorials on YouTube or bookmark this step-by-step guide to making infographics.

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