Webinar Recap: Create Infographics to Turn Your Data into a Powerful Marketing Tool

Let’s be honest, many of us will skim through or turn away from a report or a presentation filled with blocks of texts and figures.

“Woah, this is just too long for me to read” or “Alright, so can you just give me a brief summary?” are the typical reactions you’ll get after you present an annual report or explain a complex process.

So how do you get your audience to care about your report, insights, or even business pitch?

In an hour-long webinar hosted by our product trainer Dinah Ramirez and the Score team last month, you will learn practical examples and techniques that you can use to transform raw data into an engaging, compelling story through infographic creation.

Is this infographic webinar for you?

Apart from the creative twist that infographics can do to your company data, infographics are hugely beneficial for your business through the following:

  • Train new employees with complex written manuals
  • Highlight your company’s different products and services
  • Demonstrate how services or strategies benefit the end user/customer
  • Create quarterly or annual reports for executives or investors
  • Discuss complex processes, strategies or ideas
  • Outline different options for business operations improvement.

What you will learn from this webinar?

  • The essential elements of an infographic data story
  • Ideas for using your data in an infographic to meet your business goals
  • Easy ways to storyboard your data for an infographic

BONUS: you will get a free infographic storyboard template

Watch the recorded webinar here. It’s completely free! You can also view the webinar presentation below.

Getting started with infographics for your business?

Try our simple infographic maker tool that your marketing team can use or you can hire our infographic design team to create a custom infographic for you.

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