What Makes Baby Boomer Women Buy (An Infographic)

This infographic and case study is part of our Women’s Month series this March! Check out the first in the series – 7 Infographics to Celebrate International Women’s Day.

For more than a decade, Millennials have taken much of the cultural limelight. It has led many Baby Boomers, particularly women, to feel oversimplified and underrepresented as consumers.

Anyone born between 1946-1964 is considered a Baby Boomer. As of this writing (it’s 2019!), anyone who is 55-73 years old is a Baby Boomer.

Current trends reveal rapid growth of the Baby Boomer population as consumers due to a rise in life expectancy rates, financial independence, and digital literacy.

By and large, this generation is redefining senior life. For marketers and advertisers, this means devoting more time and attention in understanding what makes this post-war generation buy (and what doesn’t).

What Makes Boomer Women Buy Infographic

Our designers teamed up to find out more about the Baby Boomer woman as a consumer. We present our findings in an infographic below!

Key Takeaways of the Case Study

1. Baby boomer women have more disposable income and money to spend.

However, these women are also huge fans of bargains, deals, or special offers. Finally, marketers may want to take a second look at their advertising campaigns on television and consider other platforms such as social media and emails.

baby boomer woman consumer profile

2. Boomers trust their Google-fu moves more than social media marketing and videos.

When asked about certain actions taken as a result of their Internet activities (watching videos, using social media, and using search engines), using search engines dramatically outperformed videos and social media.

Baby Boomer Women Internet Activities

3. Boomer women’s influence account for a significant chunk of consumer purchases.

Brands and advertisers often think of Millennials as low-hanging fruit because of their extensive use of technology and media consumption. It may be true, but marketers are also missing on the fact that Boomers, especially women, account for a significant chunk of consumer purchases.

4. Boomer women feel invisible and misunderstood by marketers and businesses.

Boomer women have more time and money than their Millennial counterparts. However, the numbers reveal that brands and businesses don’t even try hard enough in understanding their needs and wants as well as how they make decisions before making a purchase.

5. Woman empowerment and the environment are hugely important for Boomer women in terms of purchase decisions and brand loyalty.

what boomer women value in brands

Marketing to Baby Boomer Women

If you’re running a business or marketing a brand with a broad target market, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not focusing on Baby Boomer women as potential customers. Consider in-depth research on this market segment. Ultimately, delving into visual storytelling when trying to attract and engage with Boomer women is also a sound strategy.

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