What is the Movember Movement About? A Visual Case Study

College student Doug Mcarthur just got back from studying abroad in Europe when he noticed that something was off during a testicular self-examination.

“I definitely didn’t pay much attention at first because I thought it might just be irritation or something like that. “

Doug eventually decided to make an appointment at his college health center after noticing that the lump seems to get bigger. The doctor requested an ultrasound. In just a couple of weeks after his 20th birthday, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Having to tell my friends was probably the hardest day of my life. I had no idea what was going to happen.

Luckily, after surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy, Doug is now cancer-free.

Movember is changing the face of Men’s Health around the world

In the United States, testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young males. In their lifetime, 1 in 9 males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Globally, the number of testicular cancer cases has increased over the past ten years. Fortunately, testicular cancer is highly treatable. Patients are often cured if diagnosed and treated early.

Another serious reality check in men’s health is that men die five years earlier than women on average. And while women tend to be more suicidal, male suicide rates are higher than women around the world.

What seems to be the problem?

Men rarely talk about their health than women.

The Movember Movement wants to change this sobering fact. In this visual case study, we take a closer look at the Movember movement and how you can participate.

What is the Movember Movement?

You heard it right, it’s MO-vember, not November.

Founded in 2003 in Australia, the Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health. Australians sure love their extra vowels, so the “Mo” in Movember comes from the word “mustache”.

Why mustache? You’ll discover why later on!

The foundation is currently funding over 1,500 innovative projects across 21 countries.

The movement aims to raise funds and awareness for men’s health programs supporting the following critical areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health issues, and suicide prevention.

3 Ways to Participate in Movember

According to the Movember foundation, anyone can participate in raising funds as well as awareness of men’s health issues through the following:

1. Grow a mustache – Grow a “Mo”, tell people about it, and inspire conversations (plus donations!) on men’s health issues.

2. Move for Movember –  Hit the pavement and commit to walking or running 60 miles over the entire month of November. Why sixty? It’s 60 miles for the 60 men that we lost to suicide for each hour every day.

3. Host a Mo-ment – Organize a yard sale or sports event, spread the word about men’s health, and ask attendees for donations or to participate in Movember activities. 

As a way of getting involved in Movember, our infographic design team created an infographic that you can download or re-use on how to grow your mustache (or encourage a man in your life to grow their Mo) for Movember!

How to Grow Your Mustache For Movember – An Infographic

Ready to Grow, Move, or Host for Movember?

Visit movember.com for guides and ground rules on  how you can get involved in the movement.

The goal is to increase men’s awareness of the things they need to know and do for both their physical and mental health. Donations also go to grassroots projects and research ventures to find new avenues for men’s health care and treatment.

Feel free to use our Movember infographics or let our professional infographic designers make one for you.

If you want to edit some sections of the infographics, contact our support team so we can upload the infographics as infographic templates Afterward, you can edit them using our simple infographic maker tool

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