The Cost of Falling In and Out of Love (An Infographic)

Make fun of it if you want, but we cannot deny this paradox — the best things in life are free (a lot like love and celebrating the idea of it during Valentine’s Day) but a hefty price tag comes with falling in and out of love these days.

How hefty?

We made an infographic on how much modern love can put a dent in your wallet — from average spend on dating sites and apps to saying “I do!” to filing for divorce.*

For this infographic, we made sure to use the most recent statistics. If you’ll notice, our resident data scientist also made a tree graph within the infographic.

cost of falling in and out of love infographic

So do you still plan to fall in (and out?) of love?

We’re not going to blame you if you do.

Humans are wired to seek connection with others and building a romantic relationship is one of them.

Ideally, we don’t need to spend too much to declare our love and desire for our romantic partners. However, consumerism is one of the cogs of the modern love machine.

You have to shell out money at one point, but you can be more mindful of how you spend your money and how you choose your lifelong partner.

Feel free to use the infographic or let our design service team make one for you. We will be uploading this infographic in our template library too so you can reuse it asap!

*data limited to U.S. population

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