More Than Just Infographics: 6 Unique Ways to Use Easelly

Many of our users love our awesome infographic templates, objects, and hyperlinking features.

We are one of the most popular online infographic creation tools because of this, but we’d like to highlight a few other functions of our infographic maker tool so our users can get the most bang for their buck.

Depending on your industry or what you use Easelly for, there are a number of unique ways you can use Easelly. You can: 

  • Create slides for a presentation
  • Make blog images
  • Create info products
  • Generate email templates
  • Make website images
  • Build résumés

Our infographic templates are what allow our users to create amazing visuals that share an idea, but it’s the other things you can create with Easelly that make us special!

Create slides for presentation

Are you a teacher and need to create slides to show your students?

Do you need to give a presentation at work?

Do you want to share your infographics on SlideShare or create a YouTube video?

Why not use Easelly to make slideshows? All you have to do is:

design slides

You also have the option of inserting your full infographic into your slide to expand on a point, or to incorporate visual elements into your slide so you don’t bore your audience to death!

infographic slideshow google slides

For more presentation tips, head on over to 20 Presentation Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged from Start to Finish.

Make blog images

You already know the benefits of using infographics in your articles or blogs, but have you ever considered using Easelly to create blog headers or blog images that pique your readers’ interest?

While an infographic is a visual that shares information, a blog header is usually a graphic version of the title or the main point of the article. Studies show that bloggers who use graphics instead of the plain font have higher readerships, more interaction, and more success overall.

Instead of using stock photos which are generic and generally unappealing to most audiences, create your images!

This saves you money on stock photo prices and can prevent copyright or intellectual property issue if you use someone else’s photography!

There are a few ways to do this:

Create a blog header graphic

blog header easelly

Follow the same steps as the slide creation option above, and create a graphic blog header!

BONUS TIP: The recommended blog header size is 1600×400. Simply drag the bottom right corner of your Easelly generated image to resize up and out. The pixels will display as you move. Download a high-quality PNG that you can then insert into your blog.

Create pop-out images throughout your text

blog popout easelly

Use the same steps you used for slide creation and blog headers, but keep the size smaller. On average, blog images range from 500×500 to 650×650. You can make yours shorter if you want!

This is a great way to attract attention to major points as your readers scan your content!

Create info products 

Are you a teacher and need to create a visually dynamic homework packet for students?

Do you own a small business and need to create product manuals?

Are you hoping to create a media kit?

Do you want a unique layout for your next ebook, webinar, or e-course?

For teachers

Similar to the slideshow section, you can create information packets with the “Start Fresh” option, or you can use templates to create worksheets! From there, simply Download as a PDF and insert the collected PDFs into your preferred software to print!

BONUS TIP: You can even make tests visual!

nitrogen cycle infographic easelly

For products or services

We love this user-generated image, which highlights how well you can use Easelly to describe your products or services in a succinct way:

infographic search engine

Depending on the structure of your product or service, you could show icons that represent the steps or components. You can also show a timeline of events if you need to highlight the process!

Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to visualizing your products or services!

For media kits or sales information

A media kit is essentially a downloadable kit that you can create to improve your lead qualifications. People who are interested in your services or product can download the packet, get a thorough idea of your services and what you offer, and decide if they want to pursue contact.

You can create a media kit much like slides and simply download the slides into a PDF document! This is a great timesaver and makes you look so professional! The user-generated image below shows the important information about their business, which would make a great end-page for your media kit.

infographic media kit

Covers and templates

Want to make an ebook cover?

Want to have a downloadable worksheet or resource for your users?

Do you offer lots of free content and want to streamline your creation process?

Easelly is a great resource for establishing a template set. Simply create an image that you like and, if you want to create another one similar, simply hover over the image in your “My Visuals” section. There will be a “Copy” button that you can use to duplicate your image without compromising it!

You can create templates for ebook covers, worksheets, or free content the same way you created slides and blog headers: use the “Start Fresh” function.

We created our Crash Course in Infographics ebook cover using!

crash course easelly

Generate email templates

Are you sick of that boring, plain text email you send to your clients, students, or coworkers? You can use Easelly to generate unique graphics and email templates that include the body of your email. You can use templates (like the one below) or “Start Fresh”!

You can insert the image as your email body or include it as an attachment! This is a great way to retain subscribers – it’s unique and fun. Read more here about how you can use infographics in your email campaigns.

Make website images

Extensive website copy is going the way of the dodo bird. Well, maybe not that extinct, but it’s much less impressive now than it was even five years ago. If you have a website and want to really retain visitors, you need visuals!

You can create unique graphics using Easelly that you can place throughout your website and use in lieu of web copy.

One of our favorite examples of this is from a garage door repair company who used Easelly to create a homepage image:

web copy

You can also “Start Fresh,” upload your own images, and change the font to create awesome website images. These website images get scanned by Google and social media sites and help to index your content and site faster! Just make sure that you:

  • Properly format images so they aren’t too big
  • Include alt tag and title tags in your Media library
  • Embed the photos so they lead people back to your site!

The topic of image optimization is an entire article in itself – Image SEO Tips for Small Business and Startups.

Build resumes

Trust us – if you want to stand out to an employer, what better way than to start with your résumé? We have quite a few templates for you to start with, or you can “Start Fresh”!

Keep it clean, keep it simple, and download it as a PDF. That way, when you apply for jobs, you can either attach the PDF in the application website or in the email! What a great way to start a new career, right?

Don’t Limit Yourself

One thing we always tell our users is that “The sky is the limit” with Easelly. Really, you can create any sort of images you need, upload your previous creations, and create amazing content. Whether you’re a teacher, small business owner, blogger, entrepreneur, or just a really big fan of unique graphics – you can do it all with Easelly.

With an upgrade to a PRO ACCOUNT, you can even use your own fonts, find even more templates, and thousands more icons and objects. You can make Easelly your one-and-only unique graphic creation tool… what could else could streamline your life so “easily”?

We’d love to see what you create with Easelly, from infographics to email templates to unique résumés and blog headers. Tweet at us or tag us in your creations on Instagram.

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