Using Infographics In Lieu of Web Copy

As a startup, small business, or even a more established company, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the quality of your website and the content therein. In the “Digital Age,” people Google your business name to see what you’ve got before they decide to invest in your services, product, or message. Obviously, you need to make the best impression possible. But how do you make the best impression possible without boring people to death with plain ol’ text?

Keep it Short and Sweet

One recommendation for improving existing copy, or creating awesome new content, is to keep it short and simple. People didn’t read War and Peace when it was assigned reading, so why would they want to read a long webpage now? Of course, there’s a ton of really important information you need to include in your web copy to make sure people know exactly what you offer, what your successes have been, and what your business or company in fact does. So how do you do this without making them read an entire novel?

Infographics, of course!

Using an infographic on your website, rather than pages of copy and text, can help attract readers to your site and create conversions (subscriptions, sales, clicks, etc.) better than simply having pages and pages of stuff to read. While you may think your business is fascinating, sometimes your information comes across as drool-worthy. Spice it up!

Need an “About Me” page? Use an infographic!

This is especially great for startups, freelancers, and individuals who are the face of the company. Investors and consumers alike enjoy knowing the person behind the product or service they’re purchasing (without reading a novel).

composition of a web developer infographic

Want to explain why your services are better than the competition?

Using infographics to show the two paths a person could take can get the point across much better than saying “We’re better than everyone!” You can show … rather than tell.

comparison infographic

Do you want to have a memorable image you can use for other marketing as well?

This approach works really great if you’re in the service industry, or plan on having a large marketing campaign for your product. One consistent infographic or template/style can help people recognize what you’re promoting.

example of company infographic

Have a blog or specific message you’d like to share?

Supplement the page with an infographic that summarizes the content. Not only will it look great when shared across social media, email, and more – but it will also help people remember more of what you said!

positive vs negative mindset infographic

As you read this blog, didn’t you find yourself looking more at the images than the text? Did they get the point across and illustrate the different techniques better than words alone? This is the power that infographics have! Not to mention that infographics are a unique way to represent information; people and consumers are drawn to the novelty and creativity that infographics provide. Stand out from the crowd! Use infographics on your website and within your web copy; your business will thank you for it.

Show us how you’re using infographics, whether to spice up your web copy or in other ways! We love seeing what you create. Comment in the comments section below, or show us what you got on Twitter and Facebook!

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