Diversity and Representation in Our Creation Tool

Whether you use Easelly in a classroom full of students or for a boardroom presentation, we believe in representing the diversity of all our users.

Thanks to our developers, we have created a tool that allows users of any age or ability to create visuals, including those with sensory, developmental and physical impairments. Read more about our accessibility features.

Plus, our extensive selection of icons and figures ensures that everyone can:

  • Tell their unique story
  • Represent their nationality, ethnicity or culture
  • Portray different ages, abilities or skills in their images

Easelly People Icons GraphicsScroll through our full library of people graphics!

We know how important it is to represent everyone. If you can’t find a graphic that represents you, let us know. We’ll be happy to develop a graphic for you. 

And if you’re looking for fun ideas on how to tell your unique story with infographics, check out these DIY Data Art activities.

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