How Should Beginner Entrepreneurs Approach Creative Marketing In 2021

Creative marketing is a crucial part of any marketing strategy — whether it’s a video or an infographic, it’s the key messaging that’s going to be reaching out to your target audience.

However, this year has been full of dramatic changes and unprecedented events that are shaping marketing trends.

Creative marketing tips for 2021

As a new entrepreneur, it’s important to understand how you can use creative marketing to its full potential for your business.

In this post, we’re going to examine how beginner entrepreneurs should approach creative marketing in 2021.

Be aware of the latest marketing trends 

Not all marketing trends are going to be suitable for you as an entrepreneur, but it’s essential to have an awareness of what kind of marketing is engaging people and how it could help you to reach a target audience. 

It will also help you focus your marketing strategy and decide what creative marketing you might want to use. 

Two of the biggest trends that will continue to be important in 2021 are video content and personalization.


Fifty-four percent of consumers want to see more video content from the brands or businesses that they’re interested in.

It’s the right way of connecting with people — they’re more likely to retain information that’s shared in a video than if they’re told the same thing through written content. 

As a new entrepreneur, video content might seem expensive and difficult to produce, but it’s more accessible than you think with smartphone cameras and simple video editing software.

As one of the most popular forms of content, it’s worthwhile investing in it. 

The growing demand for video can also be seen on popular social media platforms. Infographic videos and animated infographics are a good example.

Consumers are engaging with brands via their Instagram stories, which offer a more behind-the-scenes or personal side to the business.

Meanwhile, the video-based social platform TikTok is used by brands for advertising campaigns focused on creative, funny content, and branded challenges. 

Use the infographic on video length best practices below the next time you’re about to get started with your creative videos.

The ideal video length best practices


Personalization is another important marketing trend that beginner entrepreneurs should be considering for 2021.

Given the upheaval and uncertainty that this year has brought so far, it’s more important than ever that brands are offering a more personal approach to their creative marketing.

By sharing content that’s highly relevant or tailored to individuals in their audience, brands will be able to build a stronger relationship with consumers. 

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Make your creative marketing plans adaptable

Going into 2021, there’s likely a lot of uncertainty and big changes, so it’s important that your creative marketing plans are adaptable.

As a beginner entrepreneur, you need to be keeping a close eye on current trends, consumer habits (baby boomer women purchase habits are a good example), and topics of conversations to ensure that your creative marketing is always relevant and likely to connect with your audience.

Make your strategy flexible and be ready to adapt — plan ahead but put things in place that allow you to create your marketing materials quickly in response to changes.

Try to minimize long-term creative marketing projects that take up a lot of investment and months to put together but might become irrelevant by the time they’re ready to be used.

Don’t overstretch your budget

As a new entrepreneur, you’ll probably be carefully budgeting every aspect of your business anyway. But when it comes to creative marketing, choose content and materials that will provide a good return on investment with a low upfront cost.

You should also try to focus on creative marketing that will last – something that can be repurposed, shared on multiple platforms, and won’t be out of date quickly.

Use free tools to make professional-looking visual aids rather than investing a lot of money into working with freelance designers.

For example, you could use Easelly to turn your data into engaging infographics that you can share on your website, social media, and email. You don’t have to make an infographic from scratch because there’s a huge library of infographic templates to choose from.

You can also find and edit free stock images to tailor them to your brand, and smartphone cameras are often high quality enough for creating social media video content. 

Connect with your audience

The main focus of creative marketing in 2021 should be building connections with your target audience and establishing trust.

Produce infographics that have useful information that’s of real value to people, or produce video tutorials that help your audience. The short video below explains how you can communicate product value using infographics.

Don’t make your creative marketing overly sales-focused — you need to engage with people and develop a relationship with them so that you can demonstrate the value of your product or business

Streamline the rest of your business

There’s no point in spending time and money on creative marketing and developing a connection with your audience if the rest of your business isn’t going to live up to those expectations.

In 2021, people are going to expect an excellent experience with all aspects of a business. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford mistakes or to waste time on simple, repetitive tasks.

Use tools and software that can streamline your business to give you more time to focus on growing your business. These are some of the best options:

  • A project management tool like Asana will organize and monitor the development of your business. You’ll be able to break down your workload and keep track of your progress to ensure you’re meeting all your goals.
  • Use a customer support platform such as Crisp to manage all your customer messages so that you can respond to all customer messages quickly and efficiently. You could add a live chat feature or a knowledge-based subdomain  that helps customers find answers to their problems and further streamline customer service.  
  • And to help with your marketing, use a social media management platform like Hootsuite or NapoleonCat to schedule posts, track reach, and monitor engagement. 

The takeaway

Beginner entrepreneurs need to focus on engaging with current marketing trends and making their creative marketing adaptable, affordable, and most importantly, create value to their target audience.

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