How Two Educational Specialists Use Infographics to Empower English Language Learners

It’s time for another edition of Easelly user stories.

These stories are about Easelly users whose infographic creation and advocacy caught our eye on social media. In the past, we’ve featured a school librarian, a TOSA educator, geologist, and an advocate of open educational resources, just to name a few.

This time around, we’re putting the spotlight on not just one but two educational specialists from Louisville, Kentucky. Let’s get to know them below!

Meet Michelle Shory and Irina McGrath

Michelle Shory and Irina McGrath are Google Certified trainers and co-creators of ELL 2.0, a website that offers tools and resources for teachers of English Learners.

Michelle Shory

Michelle Shory, Ed.S. is a District Instructional Coach in Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), Louisville, KY. She is passionate about literacy and helped establish Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in Louisville. Follow Michelle on Twitter

photo of Irina McGrath
Irina McGrath

Irina V. McGrath, Ph.D. works for the Kentucky Department of Education as an Education Recovery Specialist. She is also a co-director of the Louisville Writing Project (LWP) and the University of Louisville adjunct who teaches Literacy and ESL methods courses.
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Hi, Michelle and Irina. Would you please share what your day or week’s like as educational specialists?

We serve as ambassadors for culturally and linguistically diverse students and work with teachers and administrators helping address the needs of the students in JCPS.

photo of two educational specialists during class with English language learners

We are also Google Certified Trainers and facilitate classes each month to help teachers integrate technology in order to support and engage English language learners.

Tell us about the rewards and challenges you have right now as educational specialists.

The rewards of being educators are clear: we get to impact teachers and students. We also get to be highly creative. We encourage teachers and students to do the same.

Time is always a challenge — planning creative lessons and making infographics from scratch takes time. Products like Easelly make it a lot easier, though.

How’d you discover Easelly? What’s your favorite Easelly feature?

Honestly, we googled for the best infographic sites for students. Easelly had high rankings because of the ease of use and cost.

Would you please share an example of an infographic you’ve made in class? Please walk us through your thought process behind the infographic.

We created the infographic below to explain the different translation features in Microsoft and Google.  We used one of Easelly’s infographic templates because we loved the beautiful design and colors.

Google and Microsoft for ELL classes infographic
infographic by Michelle and Irina for their ELL class

Thanks for sharing! For our final question, what are your hobbies and creative pursuits apart from teaching?

Irina is an avid tennis player, book club member, writer, and mom.  She serves as a Co-Director of the Louisville Writing Project.

Meanwhile, Michelle is a runner, yogi, book club member and mom. Michelle loves Dolly Parton and works with her Imagination Library program in Louisville, KY.

We’d like to thank Irina and Michelle for allowing us to share their Easelly user story! Meanwhile, if you have an Easelly story to share, we’re all eyes and ears. Comment below or send us an email at We look forward to hearing your story!

If you’re wondering how you can start using infographics in your classroom or media studies class, get our Infographic Activity Book for Students. It’s free.

Finally, try out Easelly for free today! You can also ask our infographic design team to make an infographic for your class if you’re pressed for time.

*Editor’s note:  Responses has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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