30+ Food Infographics You Can Edit and Download

Whether you want to share your favorite recipes with friends or you’d like to outline the nutritional content of your restaurant’s on-the-go meals, it’s way easier for your audience if you can present your information visually. These food infographics show creative ways to get your information across.

A growing body of research reveals that we are far better at retaining information and learning new visual content.

In DataFlow Supercomputing Essentials, education consultant Lynell Burmark describes how words are processed by short-term memory while visuals go directly into long-term memory. 

Keep scrolling for food infographic templates that you can edit, customize, and download the next time you want to share appetizing, nourishing content.

Bid farewell to bland content with food infographics

Making an infographic from scratch can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, food infographic templates and posters are easier to edit and download with Easelly’s infographic maker.

The possibilities are endless with food infographic templates!

For a start, you can highlight the wonders of a specific cuisine with an informational poster. Or explain how a dish is created from start to finish with a process infographic.

Another great example is to showcase the pros and cons of a specific diet with an exploratory infographic that encourages your audience to ask questions and discover new perspectives.

Recipe and cooking infographic templates

Whether it’s your crowd-favorite Balinese green bean salad or the most common ways of prepping seafood dishes, an infographic transforms your appetizing insights into striking, memorable visuals that will surely keep your audience engaged.

With recipe infographic templates, there’s also plenty of room for customization and personal branding!

Healthy eating infographics

Educate your readers and help them make informed health decisions with healthy eating infographics.

Customize the templates below with your mouth-watering photos of food and flavorful food graphics.

Food facts infographic templates

Have you ever stopped to think about the nutritional content of your usual breakfast meal?

Or how your favorite beer is made? And which leafy green is healthier – spinach or kale?

Check out the food fact infographic templates below to learn a little bit more about the food (and drinks!) we eat.

Customizing your food infographic templates

Found the right template?

Make a list of your infographic’s essential points and context that will help make your message easily understood.

Next, choose food illustrations, icons, pictograms, and premium photos that you can find in Easelly’s media library. Finally, don’t forget your infographic’s call-to-action!

The following video tutorials can also help you get started:

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Bon appetit!

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