Things That You Never Expect In Visuals

When you think of visuals, what comes to mind? Logos, trademarks, and branding elements, perhaps? While those are all integral parts of a company’s visual identity, there are other things you never expect on visuals that impact your business.

Whether it’s how you present yourself online or the images you use to market your products, these unexpected visual twists can make or break your brand. Here are the four things you never expect in visuals:

1. Your logo alone doesn’t represent your visual identity

Yes, your visual uniqueness goes beyond your logo. Think of your visual identity as the sum of all the visual elements representing your brand. This includes everything from the color palette you use on your website to the way you format your email signature. All of these little details come together to create a visual identity that’s uniquely yours.


✔️ Color enhances brand recognition by as much as 80%.

2. Visuals aren’t purely for marketing

Like your visual identity, the visuals you use go beyond marketing materials. Your website, social media accounts, and even office space’s design should be aligned with your identity. This creates a cohesive look and feel for your brand that’s easily recognizable across all channels and touchpoints.


✔️ Businesses that work on their brand diligently have a 3.5x higher  chance of having a solid brand presence than companies that don’t.

3. Visuals won’t save a bad product

No matter how good your visuals are, they can’t save a poor product. In fact, using strong visuals to market a subpar commodity can backfire and damage your brand. So, before you invest in a visual rebrand, be sure that your products or services are up to par. After all, it pays to always put your best foot forward.


✔ Consumers form a subconscious judgment of a product after 90 seconds of initial viewing.

4. Your visuals should be evergreen

Your visual identity should be timeless, not trendy. You want it to last long after the latest fad has come and gone. But this doesn’t mean your visuals can never change. Rather, they shouldn’t be subject to the ever-changing whims of fashion and trends. A few small tweaks here and there are fine, but a total overhaul every few years is a recipe for disaster.

Evergreen Visuals
Evergreen Visuals

✔️ Evergreen visuals could be anything from infographics to videos to stickers.


Visuals are a powerful tool to influence how customers see your brand. By being aware of the four things you never expect in visuals, you avoid making common branding mistakes and create an image that accurately represents your company. Have you experienced any of these visual surprises in your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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