Make Yourself Hireable with Easelly’s New Infographic Resume Design Service

You’ve probably wondered about those infographic resumes floating around LinkedIn, career blogs, and designer portfolio sites.

Now that you’re actively seeking new job opportunities, you’re considering getting one. After all, attention has turned into a rare commodity these days. You have to find ways to get the recruiter’s attention or catch the eye of the hiring manager, right?

But you have some doubts. For a start, you’re not a designer. Would you be able to make an infographic resume and nail it? Next, you’re not in the creative industry. You’re not sure if a visual resume will be appropriate for you and the job you seek.

Highlight your skills, accomplishments, and unique personality with an infographic resume

We totally get it. You’re mainly worried about two things. You’re not a professional infographic designer, and you’re afraid that an infographic resume will make you stand out but not in a good way.

Cue in Easelly’s new infographic resume design service!

Our professional designers have done resumes for clients and customers in various industries and fields. We already have a “feel” and eye for what works (and what doesn’t) in a particular industry. Plus, you have up to 5 rounds of edits for free to make sure that you’ll get a resume you’ll love.

In addition, you don’t have to wait too long to get it. Your infographic resume will be in your inbox within 24-48 hours because we understand that job applications can take so much time. We’re not going to make it more difficult for you.

Get more employers and recruiters engaged and intrigued by the value you have to offer

An infographic resume is an effective way to get more employers engaged and intrigued by the value you have to offer. Research reveals that people tend to remember media with strong visual images than their plain counterparts.

Why cram too many words in a plain CV when you can use eye-catching fonts, charts, and icons to showcase your impressive accomplishments and A+ work ethic?

Unlike traditional resumes, an infographic resume helps put your best foot forward by highlighting your top skills, work experience, and educational background without the information overload. Also, no need to resort to tiny fonts to make sure that you have a one-page resume.

How to get your infographic resume in 3 easy steps

An infographic resume designed by our professional designers can help you get more interviews with less effort on your end through these three easy steps:

  1. Fill out our quick and easy infographic resume design brief.
  2. Relax while one of our design pros creates your custom infographic resume.
  3. Get a quick turnaround on any edits.

Finally, you’re protected by our 60-day money-back guarantee. We’ll refund every penny you paid if you don’t get a single interview within 60 days of getting your polished infographic resume from us.

Take a look here to learn more about the benefits of infographic resume and allow us to help you communicate your personal brand story clearly and convincingly.

Additional resources to help you leave a lasting impression and get hired through an infographic resume

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Happy job search! We’re rooting for you. 

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