Visual Simplicity with Jessica Hagy

Today, we had a great discussion with Jessica Hagy, master illustrator over at and author of amazing books like The Art of War Visualized and How to Be Interesting.

Jessica was nice enough to talk to us about her creative process, and about how she breaks down a seemingly complex idea into a simple, emotional, and “sticky” visual. She also expanded on the idea that images sometimes speak louder than words.

“The idea that you’re sharing matters so much more than what it looks like,” says Jessica, but a well-designed and well-thought-out visual definitely helps. If you’re considering starting a visual campaign with infographics, she recommends a number of tips to get started, such as:

  • Focusing on what you like and what speaks to you
  • Being cohesive with your message and style (once you’ve figured that out!)
  • Always putting the quality of the content above your need to advertise
  • Giving your audience the most relevant information first

We also had a really interesting discussion about infographics, visuals, content marketing, and brand unity. Jessica’s illustrations can be recognized from a dozen feet away; can you say the same for yours? Here, she sheds some light on the power that style, fonts, and design have in relaying a message.

Jessica didn’t stop there, giving us more tips on how often to share your infographic content and how to use (and reuse) visuals as evergreen content. We also talked in detail about the difference between selling an idea and selling yourself or your product/service in your graphics.

Bonus: She also gives the “magic resolution” number for sharing your images, so make sure you stick around ‘til the end!

For more on Jessica, check out her awesome articles on Forbes, especially “Self Promotion is Not a Sin” and “Prove You Matter: 5 Routes to Relevance.”

You can also find her full list of publications, clients, and more at

A big thanks to Jessica Hagy for talking to us today… and to all you viewers.

Leave your comments and questions below, but most of all – start creating your own awesome infographics!

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