10 Free Holiday Infographic Templates You Can Customize Quickly

With the holiday season’s frantic festive mood, it can be overwhelming to spend too much time making holiday-themed visuals, event posters, and infographics from scratch.

For this reason, we’ve pulled together ten editable holiday infographic templates that you can customize in minutes and download in your preferred formats. These templates will definitely keep the Grinch at bay!

Editable holiday-themed visuals and infographics

These templates are ideal for the busy marketer, small business teams, and teachers looking to organize a classroom activity needing holiday infographics and visuals.

Anyone who wants to stay relaxed, cool, and collected this holiday season will also find these templates a delight to edit and customize.

Stay calm and holiday on!

1. Christmas recipe infographic template

Eat, drink, and be merry with this holiday-themed infographic recipe template.

If you’re planning to share your family’s secret holiday recipe to friends for the holidays, an infographic is the fastest way for them to learn and try it out.

2. Holiday sale infographic template

A profitable holiday sales season is the result of a thoughtful holiday marketing plan.

Don’t forget to add visuals to the mix – from an explainer animated infographic video to a simple infographic listing your top items on sale like the one below.

3. Holiday timeline infographic template

Got a Christmas story to tell? Or would you like to make a timeline infographic with a holiday feel and theme?

Get started right away with this holiday infographic template. With just a few clicks, you can customize colors, texts, icons, and your infographic’s call-to-action-statement.

Don’t forget to download your work using the right infographic size and dimensions!

4. Thanksgiving infographic template

You can always count on an infographic to help you explain a process such as this Thanksgiving beef lasagna recipe infographic. The beauty of visuals is you don’t need a lot of words to get your message across.

5. Black Friday infographic template

Fine-tune your Black Friday marketing plans through visuals.

Apart from helping you stand out from the competition, eye-tracking studies found out that users pay close attention to photos and visuals that contain information that is relevant to their needs and preferences. Decorative images, however, are often ignored. For this reason, aim for less clutter and more white space in your infographic.

6. Holiday list infographic template

The human brain loves lists, and for a good reason!

Whenever you stumble upon new information, your brain immediately attempts to make sense of it. Visuals with lists help your brain accomplish this feat because images help add context to the new information.

The infographic below is a good example. Imagine reading a list of the following holiday beers without the icons. You’d probably wonder what an ale, stout, or porter looks like.

7. Holiday events poster template

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to make holiday posters and announcements quickly?

Get started with a template like the end-of-year reunion poster below. Event planning stress is real, and using infographic templates for your visuals is a godsend!

8. Holiday fun facts infographic template

Fun facts are a crowd-pleaser, and the holiday season is abundant with trivia and statistics that will make an excellent visual. Give your audience something to talk about at the dinner table or an eye-catching piece to share on social media.

9. Gift guide infographic template

Marketers and business owners can benefit the most from holiday gift guide infographics. Promote your products, communicate product value, and get your guide in front of your targeted shoppers.

Bonus tip: Unique or niche products do especially well with gift guides.

10. Annual report infographic template

Creating end-of-year reports at work can be a let down when you’re supposed to stay at home and relax for the remaining days of the year.

Good thing you can turn to infographic templates and turn your holiday fear to holiday cheer!

With just a few clicks, your annual report is ready. You get bonus points for turning a boring fact sheet to an easy-to-digest infographic.

Your action plan:  Customize holiday infographic templates with Easelly

Once you’ve found the right holiday infographic from our library of infographic templates, you’re ready to get started in customizing it with your information, data, and design preferences.

Mix and match colors, experiment with your fonts, and keep your infographic content to the point.

Want some Christmas infographic inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite holiday-inspired infographics. You can also check out the rest of our holiday infographic template collection for more choices.

Watch the short video tutorial below for some tips on how to customize your infographic template with Easelly.

Do you have another holiday-themed infographic in mind and you want it done from scratch?

Collaborate with one of our infographic designers and get it within 24-48 hours.

Alternatively, make your holiday visuals come to life with animated infographics! 

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