Promoting Your Small Business With Infographics: 4 Great Examples

No doubt about it, competition is tough. There’s always someone out there who’s bigger, or better connected, or just has a flashier marketing strategy.

Starting and maintaining your own small business is a tricky thing, especially when you remember that there are probably a few hundred people with the exact same idea in mind as you. Luckily, there’s an easy way to show off your own unique highlights and breakthroughs between everyone else: Easelly infographics.

Sweet and savory

Everyone loves a nice bit of cake or pie every now and then, and there are plenty of people who have their breakfast or lunch on the go, but not everyone is a hotdog person or a hamburger enthusiast. For these kinds of folks, a friendly neighborhood bakery is a lifesaver.

Whole foods by the numbers
Baking 911 infographic

Of course, with so many snack hubs of every possibly type scattered around just about everywhere, making a small baking place stand out between all the fast food stands can be hard. This is where a catchy addition to your front window can totally change the game. Let people know what a wide and yummy choice you offer and display your delicious menu in an appetizing way.

Furry family fun

From dogs and cats, through reptiles and birds, to the tiniest rodents and fish friends, every critter needs a good food supplier, a nice place to sleep and awesome toys for when its humans are busy or away. Not just that, but every pet owner around appreciates some free advice – especially if they’ve never adopted an animal before! Your small pet shop business can provide all these, and your creative commercial can make it obvious to everyone. Make everything available and attractive with a colorful and fun infographic, either as a poster in your door or a free leaflet to go with every purchase.

what is the best flooring for my pet infographic?
Dog day decisions infographic

Trendy teaching

School can be a playground or a prison, and a big chunk on those scales is the question of how tough the classes are. There’s always someone who needs that bit of extra help and that’s why out-of-school tutoring is an increasingly popular job these days. Whether you knock on your students’ doors or wave to each other via Skype, a good infographic is a teacher’s ally on all fronts.

reasons to hire an online tutor infographic
start a tutoring business infographic

Not only is it a great way of marketing your services and standing out between a blizzard of related ads, you can also use it as a tool for class: make any dull statistical data way more attractive and illustrate any science experiment or tricky equation in a way that’s short and easy to remember.

A daring design

With everything these days migrating to the Web, it’s important for a designer of any kind, and especially for the newcomers, to have a vibrant visual presence that’s more likely to go viral. Any promotional blog post, website homepage or previous works collection can get a whole different tone to it with one or two well placed and creative infographic pieces.

The Design Studio Handbook infographic

Not only is an infographic a great way to promote your business, it’s also a brilliant addition to your portfolio, because it shows that you can create visual content that’s unique, clear, concise, creative and quickly adopted. Even if your designs aren’t meant for a digital medium – if you design clothes, interior, cakes or anything else, it’s still a powerful weapon in the war for new clients.

A trick for everyone’s toolbox

No matter what sort of a business you decided to start or want to upgrade, an attention-catching visual aid can make all the difference.

If you’re opening a pharmacy, running a sports club, giving your magazine a makeover or modernizing your independent record label, taking it online is the best way to reach people and a crafty infographic will have a lot more eyes turning your way.

With our simple and intuitive creation kit, you can make one of your own in no time. Head on over to our free infographic maker tool, follow the friendly arrows, and find the template combination that suits you best.

Email it around, set it up on your website and share it on your favorite social platforms, and have your small business expand in whole new directions!

You can also hire our expert infographic designers if you’re pressed for time. 

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