What Types of Infographics Should I Use for My Nonprofit?

Nonprofits need to relay ideas quickly and visually in order to reach a lot of people. This helps them grow their cause and raise money. But when it comes to marketing a nonprofit online, or even getting your organization’s message across, what sort of medium should you use? Infographics for nonprofits are not only visual, but they are succinct and easy to remember.

If you’re ready to start creating infographics for your nonprofit to use in social media, email, internal reports or even advertisements, you might be wondering where to start. And with tons of Easelly templates, it can be overwhelming to choose the right type of infographic.

Infographic formats for your nonprofit

So what types of infographics should you use for your nonprofit?

Timeline infographics

A timeline infographic illustrating the overall history of your nonprofit, or the cause it supports, can educate people quickly about who you are and what you do. A linear progression outlining the highlights of your nonprofit (e.g. dates citing when it was founded, when it moved into its current location when it received awards or commendations, etc.) is a great thing to have on promotional material or the landing page of the nonprofit’s website.


From Habitat GPMC

Process infographics

Nonprofits often have a large number of volunteers, many of whom may not be around for too long. That’s why it is imperative to streamline the training processes. Infographics are a wonderful tool for this because they combine visuals with written text for a better outline of your nonprofits rules, regulations, and procedures. Consider creating infographics to hand out on orientation days to guide people on how to be a successful part of your organization. Printing the graphics onto smaller pieces of paper is a great idea so that volunteers and employees can refer to them throughout the day. This will give them something to refer to when you or other managers aren’t available to answer questions.


From Canadian Red Cross

Milestones infographic

Highlighting the successes of your nonprofits is really important. As much hard work as you put into your work, people love to hear about the successes and the growth. It generates a sense of goodwill and can even show your volunteers and donors what a huge difference they’re making. This type of infographic has a tremendous impact when shared on social media but it’s also great in business-to-business settings. When your nonprofit has to do a presentation or is perhaps applying for grants, an infographic charting quantifiable successes can go a long way.


From the Just Give Blog

Common types of infographics

Of course, there are a number of infographic types you can use for your nonprofit. Showing the history, growth and processes of your nonprofit are a great way to organize your marketing materials, visually appeal to your audience and streamline communication in general. When your goal is to help your community, time is of the essence. Infographics share information and educate much faster, which allows your creativity to shine and helps your audience remember your nonprofit.

For other types of infographics you can use for your nonprofit, check out this video:

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