May the Fourth (er, Fifth) be With You: Our Favourite Star Wars Infographics

With yesterday being May 4th, you may think this Star Wars themed post is coming late. But a Jedi is never late, nor early; he arrives precisely when he means to.

Or was that wizards?

Either way, here are some of our favourite infographics from a galaxy far, far away. The last two have to do with marketing and education, respectively.

Star Wars Retold in Iconoscope

Infographics bridge the gap between text and visuals, but this one manages to communicate all 125 minutes of Star Wars: A New Hope with a series of images. An impressive testament to the power of visual communication (and Star Wars diverse and distinctive design–those hair buns are unmistakable).

infographic by Wayne Dorrington

Star Wars I-III Retold

This submission is more lenient then the last when it comes to text and symbols. But, as a result, it retells the story in finer detail and with far less space used. A welcome alternative to watching everyone’s  least favourite three Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Infographic Episode I - II - III infographic
infographic by Mark Murera

Periodic Table of The Empire Strikes Back

The last of the infographics that reframe the Star Wars story to retell it, this one takes the familiar periodic table of elements and, with the careful application of colour and word symbols, communicates all the major characters and settings that make up The Empire Strikes Back.

The Periodic Table of The Empire Strikes Back
infographic by Chris Kalb

Star Wars Family Tree

For when you absolutely, positively, do NOT want to accidentally kiss your estranged sibling–that’s when you need this infographic.

star wars family tree infographic
infographic by Joe Stone

Marketing: The Economics of Star Wars

We often say the best infographics take a different perspective on something well-known. The fact that the Star Wars series has made money is no secret, but communicating how — and how much — is where this infographic shines. In addition, it’s a great advertisement for the source site (which is no longer active).

The Economics of Star Wars
Infographic by

Education: These Aren’t The Planets You’re Looking For

A great way to teach someone something new is to frame it with something familiar. There are very few who don’t know what Star Wars is. There are fewer still who aren’t interested in big explosions.

these aren't the planets you're looking for infographic
infographic by Wpromote

Ready to make your own Star Wars inspired infographic?

Make your own infographics from scratch or be creative with infographic templates with our infographic maker tool. If you’d like to take your Star Wars infographic into another level,  animated infographics should be in order!

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