How Infographics Can Help Promote Your Homebased or Online Business

Are you looking for ways to boost online presence for your home-based business using infographics? We’ve got you covered below!

Visibility is vital

Whether your home-based business is growing or just getting started, you’re going to need to grab attention – and keep it!

This is the great thing about the Internet: instead of trying to guess which radio time will make you most widely heard, you can just pop up on people’s screens at any time of the day. Because buying and learning things online is so easy and convenient, a solid web presence is a huge mark on the business landscape.

However, scrolling through big blocks of text is totally tedious, so it’s a good idea to make the info you want to share as visual as possible. This is where infographics fit into the scenery.

Grow Your Business Infographic

A neatly designed infographic is a total game-changer because it can serve basically any purpose you can think of: a newsletter, a handout leaflet, a poster in your window, a creative format for your reports. Not to mention, since they’re simple, colorful and easy to follow, they’ve got huge chances of quickly going viral.

Location, location, location

Just like for almost any business out there – whether it’s based online or offline – a good website is a must. A short description, your contact, and a sales basket should be information that’s just a click away from your customers, but why not get creative and include some interesting and useful side content, too? Set up a monthly “Staff Stories” publication with some attractive icons and fun color schemes, offer some how-to about your products in a catchy graph, or make a vibrant announcement for an event, and make them into downloadable pdfs or pin them to your home page.

Don’t forget social networks, too! Those are the perfect environment for your info to reach the most people possible in the shortest time.

Comments, shares, tags and up-votes tend to pour in on posts that involve photos and videos, so post an infographic with a unique presentation of what you’d normally type out in a post or status. Having your news visual instead of textual will make it way more appealing and easier to remember.

Even cooler, you can choose where to make a page based on what you want to present. If videos are an important point, spread your sails at YouTube. If you’re running a creative business of some kind, consider a Pinterest board.

And of course, whatever kind of offer you’ve got on, make sure to have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, since they have a simple and targeted ads offer. A blog could be a nice addition, too. In all of these environments, the infographic is a format that thrives incredibly easily.

Home Business Options Infographic

Creative and concise

From leaflets and custom email signatures, through e-newspapers, to unique reports and easy traffic trackers, a good infographic can work wonders for any kind of business you need to promote. Not only will it stand out between a flood of similar ads and catch way more attention than any old black-and-white content, but it’ll also get all your messages across in a creative, engaging and memorable way – and help keep them short and quick, a perfect fit for the busy net surfer of today.

Best of all, it’s totally easy and fun to make one all of your own. The Easelly team has got some great templates ready for you to edit and arrange in whatever unique way best fits your purpose.

Play around with the various background images, themes, colors and fonts and see what feels good. There’s no way to mess up. Have fun with it and make a winning combo that’ll give your home business a booming upgrade!

If you’re pressed for time in creating DIY infographics for your online business, our team of professional infographic designers can help you out.

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