Family Tree

Family tree infographic

Family tree infographic

My students are reading “One hundred years of solitude” with another teacher, and they told me how difficult they find to read a book with so many characters, many of them sharing the same names. I remember that when I was in high school and we read the same book, I made a family tree in the first page of my book so I could understand who were they talking about. It was very helpful and I was always coming back to the first page.

I decided to make a Buendía family tree for my students and for myself, because I am a big fan of the book. For the background I used a bright yellow color because I wanted it to look tropical, like Macondo, the mythical town where the story takes place. I started making little squares for the names of the characters, the ones of the Buendía Family I made them green and the other characters had blue squares. Then I just joined them together and added the numbers of the generations on the left side. Under the “Objects” label-nature I found a very beautiful green tree and I put it behind everything and then made it a little transparent. That was a great final touch.

I loved this idea so much that I’m going to do another one with the characters of Star Wars and give it to my brother. I already printed this one and glued it to my “One hundred years of solitude” copy.

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