Creating Infographics

Infographics and The New Student

Nowadays, nearly everything about anything can be found online and often in a much more appealing form than what’s typically found at school. Who’d want to pay attention to a drawn-out explanation, copying endless equations off a dusty blackboard, when they could have the essential points presented in plain language with a direct and real-time demonstration (possibly with some funky music in the background), all in a few minutes of a YouTube video?

3 Free Ways to Market Your Infographic

The following is a sample from Easelly’s Crash Course in Infographics. You can check out the complete e-book (in high-def glory) here. The book was specially designed so that each page can be printed and hung up in your classroom or agency as a handy cheat sheet. This particular sample features a lot of hyperlinks; you can click …

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5 Infographics That School You On Education

This post is part of an ongoing series about infographics and education. Last week’s post “Infographics That Teach You How To Build Better Infographics” can be found here. This week, we’re highlighting a few infographics that help teachers (and anyone interested in effective teaching) make an impact on their students. Some of these infographics distill …

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The Art Of Historic Analysis

The infographics world is chock full of visuals that appeal to the teaching and understanding of world history. From student submissions I can assess at a glance, their ability to contextualize comparisons between historic events or to identify patterns of change & continuity. Why is this important? Students of Advanced Placement World History (#WHAP) know …

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