3D Infographics – A Few Examples

The world of technology is rapidly advancing, and it’s really like every day brings a new game, new app, program, a new piece of hardware or at least some kind of an update. In that kind of a hectic and constantly expanding universe, the small planet of visual aids is not an exception. Someone might think that infographics don’t really give a lot of room for evolving in that way, unlike, say, video equipment or such, but they actually have huge potential too.

Who says they’re just flat old posters on a wall? Make your creation pop out between all the others with some clever 3D designs!

Pie chart 3D infographic

3d infographic example - landbank

We all know and love the tasty little pie charts. But what if, instead of the usual uniform clips of color, we used actual photos to make them? This agricultural infographic is a great example. All the essential info is there and not a single excess word. The numbers do all the talking, and since it’s using actual real life images of the agriculture world, it’s okay to have the whole pie green: the looks of different crops are a more than clear division. Having a 3D patch of soil perched on the page brings extra life, and adding the detail shots at the bottom makes it closer to everyday sights of an agricultural worker.

Monetary pie chart 3D infographic

Monetary pie chart 3d infographic

Another neat variation on the pie chart principle is this presentation of monetary values at a risk. Instead of colors or a typical bird view, it has its segments at different heights, which is a perfect way to bring this particular message across. Having a single color theme keeps the attention on the currency symbols, so it’s automatically easier to remember which one was where. The time period it illustrates is clearly stated and the scale on the right eliminates any possible confusion about rank.

Line diagram 3D infographic

Line diagram 3d infographic

Now here’s a view at a more creative type of a graph. Line diagrams are a business person’s best friend – they can be seen anywhere, from a boss’ office, through a meeting for home budget planning, to cartoons, when a villain has to calculate how much the world domination campaign will cost him this month. Just think of Tom & Jerry or Gru from Despicable Me! However, when you bring them into the 3D world, they suddenly form a whole new landscape – don’t they kind of look like mountains? A perfect way to illustrate all the challenges you’ve overcome and all the high points you’ve reached.

Cube 3D infographic

Cube 3d infographic

This cube design is bringing the bar graphics to a whole new level. Why just make a plain old column? By making just a little variation you get a whole different kind of impression. The percentage of a given data fragment is displayed by the area of the cube that it takes up, and having the banner-like labels on the side makes it a lot more understandable, plus it reduces the amount of text on the graph itself and lets the visual information sink in that much better. A gray background brings it out even more and arranging the colors in a rainbow resemblance gives it an overall smoothness.

Coffee 3D infographic


A good old cup of coffee is a lifesaver for countless students, workers, designers and artists of all kinds all around the world. Naturally, everyone has their own preferred sort of brew, and what better way to illustrate the differences in the coffee world than by turning the sacred cup itself into an educator? This clever design shows the whole process of making a brew through an adorable display of a cup as a factory. It gives all the essential info in a concise way and the constricting red-green color scheme makes sure all the elements grab an equal amount of attention.

Your turn to share your 3D infographic

The 3D visuals can have a use in so many more places than the movie theater – even your own graphic projects will have a whole new life breathed into them with this neat little trick up your sleeve. Any infographic you might come up with is bound to get a lot more attention and be much more memorable if it’s shaped into a model rather than a flat image. We hope we gave you some neat ideas with this article, so start your fun and share your brilliant creations with us!

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