Around The World in 8 Infographics

From food to taxi fares, it’s funny what separates countries beyond borders. Here are some infographics that compare cultures in a few interesting ways.

100 Facts from Around the World

This infographic is styled like an informative listicle, but it manages to do so with style and good design. It’s interesting enough to inspire you to visit the countries featured  – which is probably why Etihad Airways authored it in the first place.


Serving Sizes Around the World

This US-centric infographic puts the country’s obesity epidemic into context. Information from the CDC (and a bunch of other great sources) compares caloric information across time periods, cultures, and countries.

source unknown

Curious Cures for a Hangover

If there’s one thing that unites peoples across the globe, it’s the love of drink – and the eventual regret that follows. Though hangover cures are mostly poppycock, it’s interesting to see how different cultures deal with this universal condition.


How to Toast in 18 Languages

Did you know that, in World War II, soldiers were encouraged to drink as a means to learn new languages? Turns out that alcohol lowers inhibitions, which gives stuttering soldiers less to worry about as they practice their French.  In the interest of education, here’s how to toast across continents.

via Living Language

Laughing on the Internet In Other Languages

The next time your mocked, belittled, or otherwise trolled online, at least you can make an educated guess what country commentor lives in. If you want to get more specific, get in touch with the NSA.

via @ffmcardoso

Around the World in 31 Coffees

Thank God coffee isn’t limited to one country – I can’t imagine travelling without it. Still, different countries have different interpretations and variations. Did you there’s a kind of coffee in Vietnam where the coffee bean goes through a weasel’s digestive tract? It’s surprisingly good. Also, sorry if reading that made your morning coffee taste a little funny.


Taxi Fares Around the World

If there’s another consistency for travelling beyond coffee, it’s the need to use a taxi. Another contribution from Cheap Flights (this one’s from the Canadian arm), this infographic compiles some interesting facts about how and when to catch a cab, as well as statistics about how much it’ll cost you.


Weird Tourist Attractions from Around the World

Every place has something weird about it, but few places are so weird that they draw in tourists. Here are some of the most interesting head-scratchers and neck-turners from the great big globe. Each includes a look at where they are on the map, a snapshot that complements the aesthetic, and a few (graphically interesting) statistics about each.

via imgur (it looks like it’s another Cheap Flights infographic, this one from the Australian arm).

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