5 Library Infographics for National Library Card Sign-up Month

American musician and actor Tom Waits once said:

We live in an age when you say casually to somebody ‘What’s the story on that?’ and they can run to the computer and tell you within five seconds. That’s fine, but sometimes I’d just as soon continue wondering. We have a deficit of wonder right now.

So where do we teach children to wonder more, and cultivate curiosity and creativity in the process?

There’s no other place than the library!

Infographics for librarians, teachers, and students

Since September is officially Library Card Sign-up Month, we’re doing a quick round-up of well-designed library infographics in the interwebs right now. You can also use them as great infographic ideas to promote library card sign-ups in your own library or school!

1. The Librarian of the Near Future

Librarian of the Near Future by McGraw Hill Education

In this infographic by McGraw Hill Education, you’ll realize that the future of libraries goes beyond books!

At the library, you can download eBooks, watch new movies, reserve a room for your book club, and ask the librarian to curate information for you! For internationally acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, the library was one of his safe spaces as a child, and its closure potentially endangers our future.

2. I am a Social Librarian

I am a social librarian infographic by Elsevier

Publishing company Elsevier honors the modern librarian through this infographic, illustrating how today’s librarians are enmeshed in the fabric of the Internet of Things.

3. 12 Things I’m Doing When You Think All is “shhhhh”!

library ssssshhh by author-librarian Paige Jaeger

In this funny yet insightful infographic by author-librarian Paige Jaeger, you’ll realize that librarians are the real superheroes of the modern times — from helping Suzie deal with lunchtime bullies to checking out (and shelving!) 1,200 books per month!

4. U.S. Public Libraries Weather the Storm

The US Public Library Challenge: Use vs. Funding by ALA

Sure, this library infographic by the American Library Association (ALA) is an oldie but a goodie because it’s message is still relevant today.

Early in 2018, ALA President Jim Neal is calling for public support against “the closing of school libraries, the reductions in professional staffing, the erosion of budgets for resources and technology, and the consequent weakening of the librarian–teacher partnership in the classroom”. 

5. What’s Your Library Card Really Worth?

What’s Your Nashville Public Library Card Really Worth?

Have you wondered why you would need a library card when you can get everything you need online or at the bookstore? This infographic by the Nashville Public Library has the answer. It turns out that a library card is worth $2951 per year (if you know how to be one of those power users in the library!).

Get Your Library Card Now!

Did you know that you can do a ton of things with a public library card in the United States?

Borrow thousands of eBooks using OverDrive and stream over 30,000 movies using Kanopy. You can even book a meeting room or ask for free access to paid online learning sites like Lynda.com!

If you’re a librarian or a teacher who wants to spread the word about libraries and their role in shaping the world’s future leaders, make an infographic about them today!

You can either design infographics from scratch or start with a pre-made infographic template.  Choose from our infographic template collection and get it done with just a few clicks and edits.

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