5 Engineering Infographics to Quell Your Curiosity

Engineering can be intimidating. Engineers have to use mathematical principles and practical knowledge to analyze, create, and design machines and structures. To give everyone a general idea of basic engineering principles and the ways it impacts our world, we curated these 5 Engineering Infographics. 

Civil engineering infographic

This infographic discusses the 10 best civil engineering projects of all time. The list includes the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which has 163 floors and took 22 million man hours to build. Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt as well as the Great Wall of China.

10 Best Civil Engineering Projects

Green architecture infographic

This green architecture infographic showcases the world’s greenest buildings, including the Pixel in Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, the Bud Clark Commons in Portland, Oregon is able to recycle water for its own water-heating system. The Crystal in London’s roof is popular for collecting rainwater as well for treating and recycling its own sewage. Which one is your favorite?

Environmental engineering infographic

Planning to study Environmental Engineering or just intrigued by alternative energy options? This engineering infographic highlights what you can do with this degree. It points out the different careers, responsibilities, experience and education needed, and even national annual salaries.

Electric car infographic

Moving on to mechanical engineering, this electric car infographic shows you almost everything you need to know about the mechanics of an electrical car. From their structure to the timeline of their creation, this infographic shows us how close we are to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Aerospace engineering infographic

Lastly, this list wouldn’t be complete without an infographic about aerospace engineering. This engineering field primarily focuses on the development of spacecraft and aircraft. This infographic shows a quick timeline of space planes, starting with the very first piloted aircraft in 1962. It even shows us what we can expect in the near future.

Space Planes timeline infographic

While engineering may not be for anyone, you have to admit it’s a fascinating subject! Thanks to these eye-catching and super informative engineering infographics, learning about the many facets of engineering is easier than ever.

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