Make it Stick: Train Employees with Infographics

Updated on 26th of July 2021 by John Beattie. New information on all the best employee training with infographic use.

Training employees is one of the most time-consuming and critical phases of building a business. Naturally, you want to make sure you do it right the first time around. But how do you make your training process actually effective? How do you cut out the terrible training videos, the binders of information they’re never going to read, and provide them with materials that will actually help them do their job? Easy! Use employee training infographics (you knew we’d say it).

Why Training is Important for Employees

Training of employees is important for both you as a company and your employees themselves. Not only does it make your employees more efficient, but in many cases the employees will appreciate the boost to their skills. Not only does it show that your employees are important to you, it prepares them for larger roles within your company. The benefits of training employees should be plain for you to see! And infographics make this a whole lot easier.

How to use employee training infographics

infographic on employee productivity and employee training methods

Give Them Relevant Company Data

If you want new employees to understand the growth, impact, or direction of your company, giving them memorable, visual representation of data can help. It also helps to show how many sales, products, or services your company offers to give them a quick reference material in times of need.

infographic highlighting company data

Remind Employees What You’re Looking For

After the hiring process is over, people tend to get a little nervous, feel a little insecure, and generally worry that they will totally let your company down. Why not give them a friendly reminder that they’re exactly the right employee? Plus, a little humor goes a long way in making people feel a lot more welcome in their new environment.

employee training infographic about the perfect employee

Employee Training Safety Posters

Do you have a factory or own a business where safety is paramount? You can always use infographics to show the right procedures, or just remind people to be safe on the floor! People can recall up to 65% of visual information up to 10 days after receiving it – but only 10% of what they read! Keep that in mind next time you’re wondering why employees can’t seem to remember protocol!

infographic about workplace safety

Instituting Change

Every organization implements a new program or process at some point. However even if you have had employees for years, you have to find a way to instruct. It’s important to introduce your new programs in a way that sticks. Why not use infographics to highlight the reasons why you’re instituting the change, how it’s going to work, and what the expected outcomes are? This can work great if you’re in the Human Resources department, as you can see in the image below.

infographic about wellness program in the company

There is a lot of power in infographics, especially when you run your own business or need to get the word out across your organization quickly and easily. Training employees is easier when you utilize visuals. These cut straight to the chase, and make it easy for your employees to understand the what and why of each situation. Don’t waste your time training with ineffective messages. Make it easier for your employees to start working effectively.

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