Easel.ly Crash Course: Now Available for FREE on Udemy

Easel.ly Crash Course: Now Available for FREE on Udemy

If you’ve ever attended any of our live events, you know that we really love showing people all of the great things they can do with infographics. Anyone can use infographics, from teachers and students, to small business owners, nonprofits and more. Anyone who needs to convey a thought, lesson plan, or concept in an easy-to-follow visual form can have fun with infographics!

Of course, when you’re new to infographics, it can be overwhelming. You have to:

  • Come up with infographic topic ideas
  • Decide on a template
  • Learn how to use the design tool
  • Figure out how to share and optimize your image

That’s exactly what we recently created our

Crash Course in Infographics FREE course on Udemy!

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Unlike other Udemy courses, this one is entirely FREE so that you can learn how to:

  • Represent and communicate ideas in a visual way
  • Choose the best type of infographic design template for your needs
  • Generate ideas for an infographic
  • Gather information and data from credible and authoritative resources
  • Create a draft or outline for your infographic
  • Use Easelly to create and design an infographic
  • Share your infographics with your intended audience

All you need for this class is:

  • Internet access
  • An Easelly Basic Account (Sign-up is Free)
  • Optional: Our FREE 2 week trial of Easelly Pro (Every person who signs up for the course gets a free 2-week trial!)
  • A need or desire to design and express ideas visually in a simple way!

In 12 lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to get started creating infographics. Dinah will walk you through the principles of infographic design, as well as give you resources for finding data.

Infographic creation doesn’t have to be overwhelming! If you do take our Udemy course, make sure to leave us a review so we know how it’s helping you. Along with the course, you can also download our FREE Crash Course in Infographics ebook here.

And don’t forget to sign up for our FREE Udemy course here!

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