Courts Made Creative: A Few Sports Infographics

The sports world is a huge and diverse one, with a whole lot of various stories to tell. From kindergarten ball games, through high school club activities, to the pro fields, sport is an irreplaceable part of our lives.

Our sports fans friends here at Easelly have put together a little collection of sports infographics for you to enjoy.

London Olympics infographic

No sports talk is complete without bringing up the Olympics. However, there’s a lot more happening on this occasion than the competitions themselves. This infographic breaks down various segments of the Olympics into sizeable chunks and makes it much more understandable. Since there are a lot of numbers, the cliparts are used to counter them, and the varying color scheme keeps it dynamic and interesting.

Sports goes mobile infographic

In this digital era, of course sports have migrated from the fields to the screens. TV programs aside, scores and tactics are tracked online, and this infographic does a nice job of showing just how they fare in the mobile world. A court layout keeps up the theme, while the colorful icons are a nice counter to the statistics. The amount of text is kept to a minimum, so it’s easy to navigate and remember.

Swimming infographic

Sports have a whole bunch of awesome effects and visual aids like this one are the perfect tool for pointing them out. The contrasting colors quickly grab and keep attention, while the snake shaped layout maintains a constant flow and directs our focus. Switching between white and colored text keeps up the dynamics and makes sure everything is as clear as possible.

Art of archery infographic

This is a great example of a timeline layout. The colors are a full hit since they give off the sort of “aged paper” feeling which is a perfect fit with the subject, and the stylish headers add a touch of old-time class. The main font is simple and clean, which keeps the page from being crowded and makes the flow of information easier to follow. The text itself is concise with just a few key illustrations, and the line between the years serves as a further guide to our focus.

Sports injuries infographic

Whichever sport you may decide to take up, chances are you’ll be seeing a doctor at some point. Sports injuries are incredibly common, but it’s also incredibly easy to avoid most of them. This nifty infographic is a perfect guide for just that purpose. Splitting it into three segments make it much easier to follow and the cute cliparts help remember the accompanying text. Opting for an orange color scheme also draws attention and gives it an overall positive feeling which helps lighten up any grim thoughts on the subject.

We hope you found these sports infographics as interesting as we did, and possibly learned some new stuff along the way. Why not share with us some of your own sports knowledge? Drop by for a visit at our infographic maker tool and check out all the awesome infographic templates we have prepared for you. It’s totally fun and easy to use, and most importantly, it’s free!

Take a look at what our other friends have created and shared, and add a unique piece of your own to the gallery!

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