New Feature: Charts!

Over the last couple of months one of the most requested features was Charts. I’m pleased to announce that has enable charts for everyone to use. We look forward to seeing your new infographics that now will include charts.

Here’s your quick guide to how to use charts:

1. Select “charts” from the toolbar

Chart Icon


2. Drag you chart type (line, bar scatter, pie charts) from the toolbar

Infographic Charts


3. Double click the chart to get chart options

Chart images


4. Double Click on a color to change that color on your chart.

Chart Colours

5. Add a new section – Right Click on a row.


Make sure and share with us your creations on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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  • greg atherton

    Looks good, we use these a lot for when making our clients infographics. thanks for your services, makes things a lot more simplistic.

    • vernon

      Thanks Greg. You will probably enjoy our next update, new icons etc… that will be coming in the next 2 weeks.

  • John M Keyle

    Must admit that are the best source to create quality graphics. The best part is they don’t require their users to pay any membership they simply provide quality designs

    • vernon

      Free has always tasted better :) We plan to start adding some addons that will hopefully entice you to spend some money with us.

  • Justine Willauer

    I’ve been using and it’s a breeze compared to others. Although I do hope for more icons and objects.

    • vernon

      That’s going to be our next launch, hopefully in the next two to three weeks.