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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Created by: Noah Berry Important Information About Zombies Zombies are basically identified by the limp in their walk, the moan that they make, their rotted body,and their crave to eat humans. Information about zombies:1. They are very slow2. They are not smart.3. They are kind of strong. 4. A FATAL SHOT TO THE HEAD OR DECAPITATION WILL KILL THE ZOMBIE.Something to remember: When a zombie attacksyou, don't let it bite you. If that happens, their disease will infect your body. Soon, you will become a zombie. The Head Zombie's Stat Build Up Background Information Zombies aren't that strong, but you shouldn'tgo fighting zombies head on. You should bringsome sort of weapon when battling a zombie.Zombies are much like humans when you stab orshoot them. So killing a zombie with a gun or knife is a good idea. The type of gun or knife is completely up to you, but try not to get bit. If you do, then you will become a zombie! So killing a zombie with agun might be the best idea (if you are trying to kill it from a long distance). A zombie's head is very vital to the zombie. Any damage done to the head will hurt it. If this resultsto the head blowing up or being removed willkill the zombie. This chart shows you the percentage of the zombie's strength, speed, intelligence, defense in hand-to-handcombat, and defense in weapon combat. defense in hand -to-hand combat 25% intelligence speed defense in weapom combat 20% 10% 10% 14% Zombies In Combat Strength What To Do If Your FriendBecomes A Zombie This question might cross your mind. The answer, is to kill you friend. There is just no other way. If you don't want to kill your zombie friend,You should flee. If you care that much about him, that even if your friend wants to kill you and you don't want to kill him/her, You should flee.
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