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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MASTER THE WALK SO YOU WANT TO BE A ZOMBIE? Singapore Zombie Walk NO DESIGNER HAIR TRASH YOUR CLOTHES Zombies are undead, and therefore stiff. Walk stiffly and limp like you've hurt one of your legs. For an even greater effect you can drag one of your legs like it is unmovable. Keep your limp arms tangling by your side, it should only be raised when you are attacking your victimWhatever you decide, just besure you move slowly, veryslowly. Make moaning and gasping sounds when you breathe through your mouth. It adds great effect. Your jaw should hang slack at most times. Wear old, tattered and bloodied clothing. Rip holes in your clothes. Douse your clothes with coffee, rub mud on it, be liberal with fake blood. If you want bullet holes, get a really black marker and draw holes on your shirt then dribble down some blood around it. PILE ON THE MAKEUP Use makeup to create the illusion of a deathly pallor. A white/grey, purple or green tint works well for most people. Buy foundation base in these colors. Also purchase some dark eyeshadow, eyeliner and baby powder.- Apply the base over your entire face and down your neck to get that unhealthy pallor.- Black out your eyes completely, but keep it under control. - Make it look like your eye sockets have shrunken in about an inch. Get darker towards the middle and inside corners of the eyes, making sure to accent natural shadows. You can even try a darker gray shade; - Use baby powder on your face to make your skin look dull and dead.- Apply the latex skin with non-toxic adhesive (they sell this at costume shops). Use plenty of fake skin so your face looks lumpy and decayed. -Add plenty of fake blood and the fake teeth to finish the effect. GRUNT OR MOAN Apply baby powder. Rub some baby powder into your hair to make it look grey and ashen.If you have long hair, you can either leave it down or pull it into a messy up-do. An extremely crooked ponytail, ratty braids or a falling-apart bun look appropriately disheveled. Compiled from and 27 Oct'12 | 829pm | Clarke Quay
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