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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Call to adventure When Belle's father getslost in the woods, he soonarrives to the Beast's castlewhere he soon gets captured.Philippe, the horse gets Belle and she goes off to find her dad.When she gets there, shemakes a bargain that she'll stay thereinstead of her dad. Beauty and the Beast Belle leaves the castle,frightened, and headsfor the woods. The wolvessoon catch up to her, and theystart to attack. Luckily,the Beast saves the day, but heis hurt, and Belle leads himback to the castle. Trials departure During Belle's stay there,she soon befriends theenchanted furniture. She doesn't really get alongwith the Beast. Assistance Belle soon grows curiousof the castle and of the Beast, so she goes exploring. Belle goes intothe forbidden West Wingand the Beast gets angry,because she couldv'e made the rose drop a petal early. Over time, the Beast and Belle befriend each other and start having feelings for each other. By: Zoe Picon Approach While this was happening,Belle's father had told the village about the Beast.No one believed him, so hewent to go look for Belle himself. When he did, he gotsick, and Belle found out through the magic mirror. TheBeast lets her go, and Belle and her father arrive at the village.During that time, Gaston made a deal with an asylum man and would let Mauricego if Belle would marry Gaston. Belle said no, sinceshe loved the Beast. Gaston being jealous, he and the villages went tothe Beast's castle and went to fight the Beast. Crisis Gaston had found the Beast,and he stabbed the Beast.And right after, the Beast and Gaston were on the rooftop and Gaston fell.Belle found the Beast, but it was too late.Then the Beast died. Treasure Luckily, Belle kissed the Beastand told him she loved him beforethe last petal of the enchanted rose fell. The spell was finally broken! Result With the spell broken, the castle is freed, and the Beast and Belle love each other. Belle also has a new life now. She's a princessnow. The enchanted furnitiure are nowhumans and the Prince (beast) and Belle probably get married. New life Status Quo Now
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