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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Global High Schools Outreach Workshop Concept Pre Workshop Preparation Workshop Objective To drive a student-led design of sustainable solutions for their school with the goalof stimulating the development of high-quality applications for the ZFEP Global HighSchools Category 2 1 3 * Introduction to lifecycle assessment, project management and finance concepts* Conduct energy, waste, and water footprint assessments 4 * Present preliminary sustianable system design* Analyze design components and address their costs 5 6 Post Workshop Support ARC Initiative ZFEP Workshop Intended Outcomes 2014 © ARC Initiative a. Feedback and support during the application processb. Connect Students with relevant resourcesc. Build capacity for future endeavors Designed to coincide with ZFEP Global High Schools questions * Examine ZFEP Global High Schools questions and fit the design into them* Create final project plan and define roles 1. Broaden the knowledge of high school students on concepts of sustainability and renewable energy solutions focusing on region specific solutions2. Enhance the students' understanding of their schools' existing systems and their issues3. Empower the students by involving them in the design of the sustainable solutions relevant to their school4. Help the students in understanding the ZFEP Global High Schools Category application to develop a high quality proposal Key Features Student Led Design 3-5 days (8-hour/day) * Short version (2-3 days) * Long version (3-5 days). Adaptive Workshop Hand-on Experiments Guided group exercises * Introduction to sustainability and renewable energy. The workshop uses a robust set of contextually appropriate tools for exercises and hands-on experiences to maximize students' engagement in a system design process Impact | Innovation | Leadership | Long-term vision Interactive Lectures participation * collaboartion * sustainability Student Presentations Capacity and team building activitiesBrainstormingSchool resource mappingSimulations and games a. Research on national, school and community contextsb. Relationship building with relevant stakeholders(Schools, community, local organizations...etc),and establishing a reliable communication channelc. Preliminary analysis on existing school needs, challenges and opportunitiesd. Design an adaptive framework for potential solutionse. Define clear goals for the workshop and determine target studentsf. Prepare workshop agenda and materials. Workshop Implementation * Brainstorming to map existing systems within the school (energy, water, waste or any other relevant system)* Identify challenges facing these systems and propose and debate improvements and new designs Stage * Define project objectives* Draft a project plan; implementation timeline and budget
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