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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I am Herando Cortes, I am the one that conquered the Aztecs. My men and I alone killed 2000 of their priests. We left rich in gold and silver only to go back and murder the rest of everyone and take over the rest of Aztec. How did the Mayans DIE 1. From battle2. Epidemic3.Lack of rain for cropsI think it was from the battles because they were a peaceful group so the didn't really shed blood alot so they could have been easily conquered MayansReligion: PolytheismGoverment: Each place had a ruling noble familyTime Period: 200 BC- 900 ADIncansReligion: PolyteisticGoverment: They had a handful of people ruling all of the tribes they conquered Time Period: 1100 AD- 1511 ADAztecsReligion: PoltheisticGoverment: It was ruled by an emperor but the laws were written down and they went for all people and the punishments were harshTime Period: AD 1325-1521 Aztec importance, inventions, and pictureThey were important because they allowed us to learn about the pastcultures and anchient civilizations and without them we wouldn't have their inventions, specifically soccer, it's important because without itwe wouldn't have soccer today to play. A. How did trade impact their civilization? I believe it impacted them to where they had goods from everywhere to trade for things they wanted without much lostB.How did religion impact their culture? I think that it impacted their culture very much because they had to give human sacfrices to their gods and they had gods for virtually everythingC. How did geography imapcttheir culture? It impacted them because the lake that they were on allowed water, crops,and for cleaning Mayans1. Goverent2. Decline3. "Slash and Burn" Incans1. Goverment2. Decline3. Education Aztecs1. Goverment2. Decline3. Great and pretty city Similarities1. Poltheisitic2. In South America3. Trading
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