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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A more detailed statistic overview:- 1-3 million people have done steroids in the United States.- 4-12% of U.S. high-school boys have used performance-enhancing drugs.- Also, 3.3% high-school girls have used these anabolic steroids. - In middle school, an average between 2.7-3.8% have used it as well. Positive Results from Performance-Enhancing Drugs There are some positive, yet temporary results after using these drugs such as:-Bigger muscles and muscle mass-Increased strength-Happier feelings and leanness Negative Results from Performance-Enhancing Drugs Performance-Enhancing Drugs? Besides positive reactions, there are also effects that are negative such as:-Addiction to steroids-Liver damage-High cholesterol levels. Our claim is that using performance-enhancingdrugs is wrong because the positive outcomes of using it are only temporary, while the negative results arepermanent and can damage your body in many ways. Statistics More Statistics 0 1 2 3 4 8th Grade 10th Grade 12th Grade Definition:Performance-enhancing drugs are substances used to improve performance. Performance-enhancing drugs are popularly known anabolic steroids Background: Performance-enhancing drugs, which are illegal, are mostly used in sports. It has also been used in such professions such as in the U.S. forces, fire and police departments, and in amateur athletics. Definition and Background Culminating-Experience Performance-Enhancing Drugs Counter and Rebuttal double click to change this title text! Counter: Some may say performance-enhancing drugs are worth it however. They say muscle growth and the drastic performance ability is worth it.Rebuttal: In our defense, we are aware of these positive results. However, you have to pay a bigger pricein the end and the benefits gained will be lost.
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