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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT DOES YOUR BUSINESS ARCHETYPE NUMBER MEAN? For more information please visit Copyright 2012 Leonie Hope & Inspired Life Paths 2 4 5 You have the natural talents of compassion and tolerance and make a great healer. You are socially conscious as a 9 archetype, and have great empathy for the world and causes closeto your heart. You can also be creative and altruistic by nature, both of which help you to make the world a better place. You like to be involved in on-profit organizations in some way, or businesses that have a charitable component. You are best suited to roles where you canfocus your work on tolerance, compassion and caring for all. Key question - What do youwant to focus your humanitarian or philanthropic work on? Business Archetype 9 - Globally Conscious Humanitarian 9 To find your business archetype number, download your copy of the free infographic "Find Your Archetype" (from Once you have your archetype number, you're ready to find out it means... Business Archetype 7 - Intuitive Analyst 7 The natural talents of the 6 archetype are nurturing and balance. You are responsibleand supportive. Home, family and your tribe or community are important to you. Youare great at serving others and excel at listening and providing comfort and healing.You are best suited to roles where you can build a supportive, nurturing community.Key question - What is the focus of the family, group, or community you are building? Business Archetype 6 - Community Builder Business Archetype 3 - Expressive Wordsmith Freedom and the ability to adapt to change are the natural talents of the 5 archetype. Youlove to meet new people and are very resourceful. Your forward thinking tends to shake things up and make them happen. Life is a great teacher for you because you learn best from your own experiences. You have a way with words that motivates others to take action.You are best suited to roles that bring you into contact with the public. Key question - What changes do you want to implement? The 7 archetype is an interesting one where the natural talents seem to be at odds with each other. You arenaturally good at researching and analysis on one hand, and the spiritual and metaphysical on the other. The thing that ties the two together are the level of depth you go to. You love to explore the deeper meaning of everything, and solving the mysteries of life. You are very left brain oriented and a seeker of wisdom. You are best suited to roles that allow you to deeply analyze your topic of choice and share/discuss your findings.Key question - What or how do you want to analyze, study and share? You are very hard working and have a natural talent for organizing and developing systems. You have strong views about right and wrong and like to know what the rules are. Structure, order, practicality and building strong foundations are important to you. You handle money well and are detail oriented. You are best suited to roles where you can build or create structures and systems. Key question - What do you want to build foundations for or work hard on? 6 Business Archetype 5 - The Motivator 3 Creativity and communication are your natural talents. You bring a creative flair to everything you do; especially it comes to fashion and home decor. You are an excellent storyteller and inspire others with what you say, both written and verbally. Your optimistic, high energy andenthusiasm often means you are the life of the party. You are best suited to roles where your creativity can receive public acknowledgement. Key question - What or how do you want to create and communicate? Business Archetype 4 - Systems Creator You have a natural talent for resolving conflict, keeping the peace and seeing both sides. You bring people together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation, helping them to find a common ground or goal. This makes you great at fostering relationships and opening the channels of communication so healing can begin. In a corporate environment this translates to team building and leadership skills development. You are best suited to situations that require teamwork. Key question - What do you want to mediate or how do you want to work with a team? Business Archetype 2 - Diplomatic Negotiator As an 8 archetype, you have the Midas touch when it comes to business. You natural talents are management and handling money. You know how to build and manage successful companies and corporations because you intuitively understand how they work. You are confident and can spot trends and opportunities. People naturally look to you when a decision needs to be made. You are best suited to roles that involve big visions, strategies and longterm goals. Key question - How do you want to make money and succeed in business? 8 Business Archetype 1 - Inspired Entrepreneur You are a natural leader who has original and innovative thoughts. As a 1 archetype you areoften a pioneer or ground-breaker in your industry. Your strong independent nature means you tend to work best when left to your own devices. Financial freedom is important to you.You are best suited to leadership roles that allow you to use your unique ideas. Key question - What or how do you want to lead? Business Archetype 8 - Master of Business 1
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