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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1) when did most of the immigrants the United states? The United States experienced a high numberof immigration during the colonial era.The first part of the 19th century From the 1880s to 1920. Immigration Project 2) What were the major reasons for immigrating to the USA. The major reason for immigratingto the USA is to have a better life.Many people had a hard lifein other country, so they came to USA and in search for a better life. 3) where did the highest number of immigrants come from and what languages did they speak. The most immigrant came from northern and western Europe. They speak English and many other languages. Immigration in 1790(red)Africa:757000(green)England:2100000(yellow)Germany:270000(gray)Netherland:100000(blue)France:15000 4) What kind of jobs did these immigrants have? They worked dirtiest and most dangerous jobs at a low wage.For example, Farming, mining,factory work, ditch-digging, burying gas pipes and stone cutting. 5) In your own words describe the journey that theses immigrants had to take. In 1990's many people ride ship and they travel for 3~5 month. In the ship they can't sleep very well and they don't have enough food.Immigrants came to USA and went the Ellis island. Where they had to wait for weeks to be processed.In the process they were asked many questionsand check by doctors.For example they were ask how much money they had and some other question.If they were cleared, then they are allowed to enter the USA. 6) What is you personal experience with immigration? My personal experience is different to those who come during 1900s.First, l had to go to the airport and l ride an airplane to go to japan.Second, l had to wait for 4hours in the Japanese airport and thenl had to take another airplane.Third, l arrived at Canadian airport and wait for 3hours and then l had to take another airplane to the USA.This is very good experience because l look other culture and country. In the airport we were processed very quickly and we were able to leave.
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