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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Year Round Schooling What is year round schooling and what are the pros and cons of it? In my presentation I will show you the pros and cons of year round schooling. There are good reasons and bad reasons to have it initiated into all of the school systems. Pros Cons Will have more knowledge It's a hassle to get back into the swing of things Year round babysitting The set up More of a chance to get into college Break They will have more knowledge because the education will be on going and will not stop. By that i mean that if they had off for the summer, they will come back and not remember anything but if they didn't have summer break and they only had a coupleweeks off then they wont forget as much. What i mean by this is that kids in year round schooling go to school for 6 weeks and then have 2 weeks off. I don't understand that because right when kids get back in the swing of things and the flow of everything they have 2 weeks off and I just don't think this is correct. By having them go to school year round, their parents will not need to stop working and come home to watch the kids. They will have supervision all the time and they will be learning also. What i mean by set up is that each summer, you have to clean your room and take everything down and then you will have to get back into the mode again. So its kind of a hard process to recover from after a couple months. I believe that it gives them more of an opportunity to get into college because their education will be higher and they will most likely have more work done so that colleges can see their best work. One of the cons is that you don't actually get a break for school like a long one so its basically the same process and i don't know, I personally do not like that, i would rather get everything finished first and then be looking forward to a very long break.
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