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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Regular asana practiceimproves posture, endurance,strength and flexibility. The sheep is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to make writingbrushes and skin to keep warm. As it is white, people describe delicate andprecious white jade to be 'suet jade'. Thus it is close to the meaning of good things. Five Elements: EarthYin Yang: YinLucky Colors: Green, Red and PurpleAovid Colors: Golden and CoffeeLucky Numbers: 3, 9, 4Avoid Numbers: 7, 6, 8Lucky Flowers: Carnation and Primrose 2015: YEAR OF GOAT Personality: Strengths Charateristics of people born in the year ofGoat are tender,polite, filial,clever, andkind-hearted. They havespecial sensitivityto art and beauty, faith in a certain religionand a special fondness for quiet living. Personality: Weaknesses Sheep year people are often worriers who areshy, pessimistic, moody, indecisive, over-sensitive,and puzzled about life. They are easily inclined to bedeeply religious. They are timid in nature and like tobe looked after by others, Fortune Foretelling in 2015 Wealth Relationship Health The financial fortune of sheep people willbe just so-so. They should reduce daily expenses, or it will be hard to make endsmeet. It is not a good idea to lend money to others. Sheep people can easily lose their temper in 2015.As a result, couples and lovers may argue. Theyshould communicate with each other to solve theproblem to avoid breaking up. They should keep away from sharp tools andweapons such as knifes, swords, saws and scissors,because they may easily get injuredthis year.
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